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Archive for June 26th, 2007

Review every auto warranty


Auto warrant reviews refer to the act that should be taken by every vehicle owner before selecting the auto warranty. This particular task assumes importance at three stages, while purchasing a brand new or used car and while purchasing a second auto warranty once the original warranty expires.
It is necessary that each […]

Buy the best warranty

Warranty refers to free maintenance service rendered by the car dealer up to a prescribed period from the date of sale. The warranty period could range between three months and three years depending on the choice of car owner. The duration of the warranty can also be decided on the basis of the miles covered […]

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Know the rules


Warranty means an undertaken executed by the car dealer to repair and maintain a vehicle for a particular period from the date of sale of the vehicle. The warranty can vary between three months and three years or based on the miles covered by the car. This period of warranty can be chosen by […]

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