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Archive for July 4th, 2007

Auto warranty tips to keep at heart when choosing your car

Never trust a salesperson’s words especially when it comes to an auto warranty.  Why?  Quite simply because a wolf will always be a wolf regardless of the clothes he wears; likewise a salesman will always be a salesman even if it’s your favorite uncle trying to sell you his used car, he too winds up […]

Auto warranty tips when buying a used car

When you buy a vehicle, the warranty is one of the most important features that you should check for. This document is one that can save you a lot of money and hassles in the future.  All new vehicles are sold with the manufacturer’s warranties.  Therefore if you are buying a used new vehicle, then […]

The risks of buying vehicles ‘as is’ – useful auto warranty tips


One of the best auto warranty tips that you will ever receive is undoubtedly this one: be aware that a vehicle for sale ‘as is’ means just that – as it is.  This means that the vehicle will be sold or bought without a warranty of any kind.  In the event that you come out […]

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