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Archive for July 20th, 2007

Making the most of your repairs with a used car warranty

Investing in a used car is often not much of an issue with the average person who cannot afford anything but the used car. Not many appreciate just how risky the used car purchase can be. The used car is one that has been through the hands of one […]

Save money from day one with your new car warranty

The new car warranty is one of the most important parts of the purchase of any new auto vehicle. It is unfortunately one that is often overlooked by many people when buying their first new car (often they realize their mistake and do not repeat it with any subsequent new […]

Why choose the aftermarket auto warranty?


The aftermarket auto warranty, also known as the extended warranty, is the one warranty that offers the most flexibility and convenience than any other type of warranty service.  The aftermarket auto warranty can cover any type of auto vehicle.  It can be obtained simultaneously with the purchase of a vehicle, […]

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