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Archive for August 6th, 2007

More about the aftermarket auto warranty


The aftermarket auto warranty, also known as the extended auto warranty, is simply that warranty which provides extra or additional warranty coverage to a vehicle with an existing warranty.  It may also be used to provide warranty coverage for the vehicle without any current warranty coverage.

The aftermarket auto warranty, […]

What you should know about used car warranties

Many used car vehicle owners fail to understand the benefits of a used car warranty simply because many are not aware that they are entitled to one when buying a used car from a dealer.  Many people are in fact not aware that they can get a used car warranty, and […]

New car warranty considerations when purchasing your new vehicle

The new car warranty is perhaps one of the more important assets that a new car owner should own.  Also known as the manufacturer’s warranty (because it is generated by the vehicle manufacturer or a specific dealer authorized by the manufacturer), the new car warranty provides such guarantee as coverage for […]

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