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Archive for January 16th, 2008

Auto Warranty & New Car Sales Estimates For 2008

Even though forecasters predict a slow 2008 for automobile sales, many dealerships are hoping for a steady recovery toward the end of the year.  More specifically, some dealers are backing up their hopeful outlook by reinvesting money back into their own businesses.  Their stocking levels and ordering project 2008 will be about the same as […]

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A Clear Definition To Buying A “Certified” Used Car

A new law that took place last week in Minnesota requires a higher standard to dealerships selling vehicles advertised as “certified” used cars.
In the past, a dealer might be able to explain certified many different ways, possibly withholding history or damage towards the vehicle. Under the new used car warranty law that is part of […]

Considering A New Vehicle For The New Year?

Opportunities for some in the New Year means a new car or one that is new to them.
Seems easy enough, but there are some things a consumer should consider, like his or her credit score. Some people are not aware of their credit score until they are ready to finance their new vehicle, leaving them […]

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