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Archive for March 10th, 2008

The Ins And Outs Of Car Struts

Almost every vehicle that has front wheel-drive uses car struts on the front.  They aren’t just shock absorbers.  They integrate many different suspension parts into one assembly.  Included are the spring seats, coil spring, shock absorbers, steering knuckle, and strut bearing.
The shock absorber is the part of the strut that is commonly serviced the most.
The […]

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Owners Take Great Pride In Their Supercars

For sports car enthusiasts the supercar is the “Holy Grail”.  The supercar is a sports car that is very high-end that features exceptional power and handling.
These cars can be a challenge to find, and even more challenging to afford for most drivers.
Many of these vehicles that are cutting edge must be special ordered straight from […]

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Routine Maintenance Tips

Every year there are more than 10,000 vehicle accidents in the nation and approximately 450 people die as a result of the collisions. Many of these accidents can be avoided by having routine maintenance performed on your car. In addition, many people neglect to have an auto warranty that will cover their car […]

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