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Archive for March 14th, 2008

Online Auto Auctions

If you’re looking to buy a cheap used vehicle, you might want to look online. One website that is a good place to start is This is an auction website featuring seized vehicles by the government. Consumers can select what type and model of vehicle they are looking for, as well […]

Beware When Purchasing Used Vehicles

When people are looking to buy a car, they like to know its history.  Consumers get peace of mind from such things as a reliable previous owner and used car warranties. Yet, many times owners are deceived.  A new study by Carfax shows that there are many con men out there trying to conceal the […]

Volkswagen’s Plan To Increase Production

Volkswagen has introduced a plan to produce 20 new vehicle models within three years.  This is an international effort to increase yearly deliveries to eight million cars by the year 2011.
Volkswagen plans to put out products in all of the various vehicle categories.  However, its plan emphasizes a gain in market share in the van, […]

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