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Archive for September 16th, 2008

Volkswagen Announces They Will Increase Production

Volkswagen has announced a plan to manufacture 20 new models within the next three years.  This plan is part of an international effort to enlarge deliveries yearly by eight million vehicles by 2011.
Volkswagen is going to put out vehicles in all of the different categories, but they will emphasize an increase in market share in […]

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Volvo’s New Safety Improvements

Volvo has always had a reputation for having terrific safety features.  So, when Volvo comes out with new and improved safety technologies people are intrigued.    Instead of coming out with a new radical approach, Volvo has made improvements to their current technology.
Volvo’s latest safety package is featured on the Volvo XC60.  The safety features will […]

Loans For Used Vehicles

Nowadays, most people require a vehicle to get around, however, not everyone can afford to purchase a new car. A great option for people in this instance is to buy a used car, but it can be difficult for people to arrange for funds. Used car auto loans can help people with this […]

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