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Archive for December 13th, 2008

Why Are Crossovers So Popular?

Sales of crossovers are one of the strongest segments in the auto industry.  What exactly is a crossover?  A crossover combines attributes from both SUVs and minivans with the positive characteristics we enjoy on passenger cars.
Crossovers typically have the cargo room and passenger space that you find in minivans, yet add the utility, usefulness, and […]

Are SUVs Really Safe?

Many times, SUV drivers believe that they have the safest vehicles on the road.  People assume that because they are driving a large vehicle, they are indestructible.  However, this isn’t the case.
Actually, SUVs have a much greater tendency to roll over in a crash than any other vehicle type.  And, research shows that about 35% […]

The New SplitView By Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is known for offering consumers comfort at any price, and its new SplitView is a perfect example.  This is an 8-inch GPS display screen, which is programmed for transmitting two images that are different- one for the passenger and one for the driver, at the same time.
The system is pretty technical, but basically the […]

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How To Replace Your Alternator

When thinking of the engine, most people don’t consider how important the alternator is.  In fact, the alternator is indispensable because the engine won’t run without it.  The alternator is the source where the power train derives power.
Alternators were created in order to convert mechanical energy into a current that is alternating.  In order to […]

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