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Archive for December 19th, 2008

Smart Exercises Caution

Smart, which is a Daimler-Benz subsidiary, has been able to sell around 17,000 ForTwos since they launched the small two-seater in America in January.  However, there are approximately 30,000 potential buyers who have been put on waiting lists.
Even so, the carmaker doesn’t intend on increasing their output in order to put supply in line with […]

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Hybrids Require Certified Technicians For Repairs

More motorists are deciding to switch to hybrid cars for better fuel-efficiency, however, just like any car; hybrids need common maintenance and occasional repairs.  A regular mechanic can do work that is routine, yet you will need hybrid-certified mechanics for jobs that are more extensive.
According to a Toyota service director in Tampa, hybrid work at […]

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Microsoft’s Latest Attempt At Vehicle Technology

Microsoft’s latest attempt at vehicle technology appears to be promising.  Vi-Fi, or vehicle Wi-Fi, is Wi-Fi connections in vehicles.  Microsoft has partnered up with the University of Washington and the University of Massachusetts in order to make Wi-Fi connections a reliable and steady experience, which hasn’t happened with offerings by cell phone makers and their […]

Car Repositions Have Increased Drastically This Year

The number of vehicle repossessions has gone up drastically this year, which is about to top 1.9 million, which is a significant jump of 15% since 2007.  Chances are that a large number of those vehicles were large SUVs and trucks or luxury cars that mortgage brokers purchased when they thought the good times would […]

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