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New Yorkers Might See A 5% Tax On Luxury Vehicles

New York State has a humungous budget gap to fill, which is why Gov. David Paterson is trying anything and everything to fill it. Included in his efforts is a proposed 5% tax on vehicles costing over $60,000.
Today, however, $60K isn’t what it used to be in terms of luxury vehicles.  Consumers should keep in […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Auto Warranty

An extended auto warranty can bring motorists peace of mind.  However, drivers need to get the most out of their auto warranty by keeping documents organized and asking the right questions.  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your auto warranty.
Often times an extended auto warranty requires service records.  This […]

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Tips To Help Your Holiday Trip Go Smoothly

One of the family activities that are the most fun is going on road trips.  During the holidays many people are traveling to see family and friends.  Although enjoyable, frustration can accompany families on the road.  Take note of the following do’s and don’ts in order to ensure that your family has a great trip.
The […]

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Three Things To Check For If Your Car Won’t Start

A driver’s worst nightmare is to turn the key and have their car not start.  Sometimes your engine will turn over but for some reason the car just won’t start.  Do you know what to do if this happens to you? Of course you could call a mechanic.  However, without an auto warranty you might […]

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Chrysler Teams With Credit Unions To Offer Low-Interest Loans

Everyone realizes that it is difficult to get credit for a large purchase in this economy.  In fact, many people have opted to hang on to their current cars and purchase used car warranties. To help with this problem, GM decided to team up with credit unions to offer car loans at a low interest […]

The Downside To Satellite Navigation Devices

Satellite navigation devices, or the popular GPS interfaces that many motorists have in their vehicles, are, partly responsible for a large share of accidents and driving practices that are risky.
With about half of the motorists on the roads having access to devices such as these in their vehicles, it appears that this technology has penetrated […]

Factors That Affect Your Car’s Resale Value

If you’re considering buying a new vehicle this year you need to consider the worth of the car in a few years, when you’re ready to trade it in for another car.  Consider these four factors that determine the resale value of a vehicle.
Supply and demand is a big factor.  Vehicles that have a high […]

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Get The 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP for Under $40K

The 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP with 402 hp now has a price tag, and it will give performance sedans that are already established a run for their money.  The GXP will be listed at $37,610, which is at least $1,000 cheaper than the Dodge Charger SRT8 and you still get an impressive auto warranty.  Consumers […]

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The Benefits Of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Here’s a question for car shoppers:  What has the low sticker price of a pre-owned vehicle with the auto warranty and reliability of a new vehicle?  The answer is a certified pre-owned vehicle.
CPO is a term that the auto industry uses to describe used vehicles with low-mileage that are late models.  These vehicles have passed […]

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Chrysler Shutting Down Assembly Plant In Newark, Delaware

Unfortunately, bad news keeps coming from Chrysler.  The carmaker just made an announcement that its assembly plant in Newark, Del. will shut down at the end of 2008 indefinitely.  The shutdown of this complex will result in 1,000 people losing their jobs.  This plant produces the Chrysler Aspen and the Dodge Durango, which are two […]

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