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What To Do When Your Fuel Pump Fails

Cars need fuel pumps because the gas tank is on the opposite side of the car than the engine.  The purpose of the fuel pump is to bring the fuel to the engine.
Fuel pumps come in two varieties.  Vehicles that have electronic fuel injection systems use electrical fuel pumps.  Carbureted vehicles have mechanical fuel pumps.
The […]

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Do You Know What Your Auto Warranty Covers?

There is nothing worse than getting your car repaired and hearing, “It isn’t covered under your auto warranty.”  Often, motorists are confused because they assume that certain repairs are covered.  Drivers need a little education to understand more about their new car warranties.
People need to understand that an auto warranty isn’t an entitlement, but an […]

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What Type Of Four Wheel Drive System Do You Need?

These days many vehicles are being offered with 4WD systems.  It can be difficult for consumers wanting to purchase a car with 4WD to distinguish between the different systems.  There is Part Time 4WD, Full Time 4WD and permanent 4WD.  So, what’s the difference?
The most basic of the 4WD systems is Part Time.  This allows […]

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