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Archive for December 31st, 2009

Getting A Used Car Auto Loan

Nowadays, it is a necessity to have a vehicle.  Yet, everyone is not capable of purchasing a new car.  Buying a used car is a great option in this instance, but sometimes it can be complex to arrange for funds.  Used vehicle auto loans are a good answer to this problem.
The purpose of these loans […]

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Don’t Ignore The Fine Print When Buying A New Car

There are many great deals out there on new cars, yet you need to understand the offers.  For example, are there any “restrictions”, “qualifiers”, “exclusions”, or “limitations”?  Make sure you know how to read the fine print.
Often, dealerships offer incentives that are regional.  In other words, you must live in the area to get the […]

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Loyalty Among Truck And Hybrid Owners Is Highest

Results from a recent study show that motorists who repeat buy the same car brand the most are owners of hybrids.  By segment, the buyers who were the most loyal were those of full-size pickup trucks, which is a long held title.
The news about hybrids is quite significant because not all car manufacturers offer hybrid […]

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