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Archive for January 9th, 2010

Good Used Car Brands

With the poor economy, motorists are looking a little more closely at used cars.  The National Automobile Dealers Association reports that last year the average cost of a used vehicle was around $15,000, while it was $29,000 for new vehicles.
While you want to purchase a pre-owned car that has a solid reputation for dependability, it’s […]

How To Find A Good Repair Shop

Many drivers have a hard time finding a repair shop that they feel is trustworthy.  While some motorists feel comfortable taking their car to the dealership, others prefer going to an independent repair shop.  So, which one is better?
You will find several advantages to going to the dealership repair shop.  First of all, dealerships pay […]

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Should You Be Using Synthetic Oil?

Many motorists aren’t sure whether they should use regular or synthetic oil in their cars.  The answer depends on the age of the vehicle, mileage, and the recommendations by the carmaker.
Vehicles with high mileage that are older often have excessive engine wear that allows oil to leak internally.  Synthetic oil isn’t recommended on these vehicles […]

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Should You Be Concerned If Your Brakes Squeal?

Brake pad vibrations that result in a high-pitched noise are the cause of brake squeal.  When pads don’t have proper insulation from the caliper, vibration occurs.  The factory will equip brake pads with insulator shims, clips, and even a silicone backing that allows the pad to stay glued to the caliper.  This helps to prevent […]

What Is The #1 Car-Color Choice?

The DuPont Global Color Popularity Report found that White and White Pearl are the favorite car color choices in America, with 16% and 4% of the market share.  This is the second year in a row that white has been the #1 choice.
Black and silver tied for second place at 17% each.
Trends for North America […]

Which American Automaker Is The Most Reliable?

The reliability ratings for Ford had a significant jump, which makes it the most reliable American carmaker, according to Consumer Reports, which just released its ratings. Other than a few of Ford’s pickup trucks, Ford’s reliability is comparable to that of the Japanese carmakers that are the best.
Other carmakers that received the highest ratings went […]

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