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Archive for January 30th, 2010

Purchase A New Vehicle That Will Become A Collectible

One of the most expensive hobbies is collecting cars.  But, here is a twist.  Purchase a new vehicle now that will become a valuable collectible in years to come.  The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a value-appreciating car.  The following cars are on the road now, but […]

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A Car History Report Brings You Peace Of Mind

If you’re purchasing a pre-owned car you need to find out as much history as possible about it.  The car may have problems that are not apparent from a visual inspection or a test drive.
A car history report is a good way to find out what you’re getting.  This is a report prepared by a […]

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How To Protect Yourself When Buying A Used Car

One trick that people use to sell a used car is to detail it until it looks brand new.  However, beware, a motor that is steam-cleaned won’t fix a gasket that is blown.  This is why it is important to purchase an auto warranty.
Having said that, dealers that are reputable typically won’t try to sell […]

New Search Engine Makes Car Buying Easier

Now, people search the Internet to purchase cars, an auto warranty, and car loans.  One great resource for this is Autoopia, or  This is a new search engine that has revolutionized the way that people search for cars, just like Google revolutionized the way in which people make general searches.  The people who created […]

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How Are Carmakers Surviving?

The current reality for the car industry isn’t at all bright.  The economy of the country has experienced a weak dollar, a credit crisis, and soaring gas and food prices.  This could mean that we are about to experience the worst year for car sales in over a decade.
But automakers are getting smart.  They are […]

Dealerships Go To Great Lengths To Bring In Business

Car dealerships are going to great lengths to bring in business for servicing.  This includes repainting, brightening lights, and adding new signs.  And in the waiting area customers are enjoying WiFi access, flat screen TVs, workstations and coffee bars.
Dealers rely on their parts and service departments for profit.  Typically half of their profits come from […]

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