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Archive for February 26th, 2010

Xtra Fuel Economy Pickup Trucks

What do you get if the “hybrid” is taken out of a hybrid pickup truck?  In the case of GM, you get the XFE, or Xtra Fuel Economy pickup trucks that are full size.  These trucks share a lot of running gear and hardware with their hybrid counterparts; however, the exception is the two mode […]

High-End Cars Are Becoming Green

You know that the trend for green cars has come of age when Hummer and Lamborghini get in on the picture.
The manufacturers of supercars for $400,000 and high-end SUV’s have realized that they need to keep us with small, efficient car models.  People desire lightweight, economical vehicles as opposed to heavy gas-guzzlers.
Lamborghini has an updated […]

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Make Sure Your Family Road Trip Goes Smoothly

One of the family activities that are the most fun is going on road trips.  Over the spring and summer, American families will go on over 320 trips.  Although enjoyable, frustration can accompany families on the road.  Take note of the following do’s and don’ts in order to ensure that your family has a great […]

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