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Archive for May 19th, 2010

Car Owners That Show Loyalty

Results from a recent study show that motorists who repeat buy the same car brand the most are owners of hybrids.  By segment, the buyers who were the most loyal were those of full-size pickup trucks, which is a long held title.
The news about hybrids is quite significant because not all car manufacturers offer hybrid […]

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Finding A Trustworthy Repair Shop

Many drivers have a hard time finding a repair shop that they feel is trustworthy.  While some motorists feel comfortable taking their car to the dealership, others prefer going to an independent repair shop.  So, which one is better?
You will find several advantages to going to the dealership repair shop.  First of all, dealerships pay […]

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Buying The Correct Oil For Your Car

Many motorists aren’t sure whether they should use regular or synthetic oil in their cars.  The answer depends on the age of the vehicle, mileage, and the recommendations by the carmaker.
Vehicles with high mileage that are older often have excessive engine wear that allows oil to leak internally.  Synthetic oil isn’t recommended on these vehicles […]

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Protecting Your Children In The Car

Modern cars provide safety for adults, but it is up to parents to provide the special protection needed for children.  However, there are many different types of Child seats out there today, which can make it confusing for adults to know what to choose for their child.  There are three different types of seats.
Infant car […]

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