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Archive for June 16th, 2010

Tire Monitoring System Brings Drivers Peace Of Mind

Over the past few decades, perhaps one of the biggest technical developments has been to tires.  And now, new rules concerning tires will yield even more mileage and safety improvements.
After the estimated 280 deaths that were linked to Firestone tire failures on the Ford Explorer SUVs, lawmakers ordered tire pressure monitoring systems are used.  These […]

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Defensive Driving Can Save Your Life

A defensive driver is someone who is always on guard and prepared for what could happen.  They are cautious, yet are able to take action and not put their fate in other drivers’ hands.  The National Safety Council has revealed that driver error accounts for 77% of accidents.  This number can be cut significantly by […]

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Is It Beneficial To Downsize Your Vehicle?

With the poor economy, drivers are trading in their big gas-guzzlers for fuel-efficient cars.  Yet, while that makes sense, if you switch too soon you might be looking at more overall car costs than you’ll save on gas.  According to Consumer Reports, downsizing is beneficial in the long run if you time it right.
A study […]

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