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A New Way To Improve Your Gas Mileage

Drivers who are fuel-conscious now have a new innovative way to calculate their vehicle’s mileage and compare their mileage to other drivers’.  Also, motorists will be able to devise ways that they can improve their own fuel-economy.
A new website, called, allows you to put your car in their system by entering details about your […]

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How Do You Really Feel About Your Car?

It’s common to show affection to the people you love, but we don’t want to forget to give some thought to our vehicles.  A lot of us find our vehicles to be more than just another asset.  They are such a big part of our lives because we depend on them to get us where […]

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Midsize SUVs May Not Be As Safe As You Think

Most people believe that SUVs are the safest vehicles on the road; however, recent test results show that midsize SUVs may not offer the best safety.  In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that a lot of cars produced better results in crash tests than six midsize SUVs.
The SUVs tested were the Chevrolet […]

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Tips To Keep The Inside Of Your Car Clean

You might find that your car has become a mess from kids, pets, friends, etc.  But how are you supposed to keep it clean with kids spitting up and people having four-course meals in your backseat?  Let’s face it; it can be hard.  However, here are some tips to help you get started.
You might want […]

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Great Cars For Under $25K

Is it necessary to pay $40K in order to get a stimulating, engaging car?  The answer is absolutely not; there are many vehicles out there that come with a good auto warranty for under $25K.  Here are a few to consider.
The Honda Civic Si is a great choice at $21,110.  This is a high performance […]

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How To Do A Proper Test Drive

When it comes time for you to test-drive a car, you need to be aware of a few things.  After all, this will be one of your most important drives ever, so make sure to get the most out of it.
First, make sure you test-drive the exact model that you’re thinking of buying.  There may […]

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Getting A Stylish Car That’s Inexpensive

Thanks to a poor economy, people are skipping the big purchases and becoming disciplined shoppers.  Instead of splurging on cars equipped with all of the gizmos, people are holding onto their current rides and purchasing used car warranties.  However, with some savvy buying tips, you can get a new car with great features.  Here’s how.
First […]

A Vehicle’s Size And Weight Don’t Necessarily Go Hand In Hand

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that small cars aren’t as safe as big vehicles, back in 1997.  Yet, today there are more small cars than ever.  Small vehicles aren’t the only way to accomplish fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions.  There are now light construction materials that can accomplish this feat on larger vehicles.  In […]

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What Car Features Help Elderly Drivers?

What features can help older drivers stay safe and comfortable on the road and avoid road service calls?  The American Automobile Association has the following recommendations to help older drivers.
First, it is helpful to have a steering wheel that tilts and telescopes.  This puts the driver 10 inches from the airbag, and also alleviates shoulder […]

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Is Your Car Thermostat Working Correctly?

The purpose of the thermostat in your vehicle is to regulate the temperature of the vehicle so that it remains at a desired level.  To do this it controls the heating and cooling mechanisms and controls the flow of heat that goes throughout the system.  The thermostat manages the coolant amount in the internal combustion […]

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