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There Are A Number Of Hurdles With GM’s Return Policy

images-511.jpgWhen GM recently unveiled its latest program that allows new-car owners to return vehicles that they aren’t happy with, you had to assume that there would be some fine print on the deal.

Well, in fact the fine print attached to the deal makes taking back the vehicle much more trouble than it’s worth, especially if you have a complaint, such as highway noise or tachometer position.

Let’s add up all of the hurdles.

First of all, you must return the vehicle between the 31st and 60th day of owning the car.  GM does this because they hope that you will get over minor complaints after one month of ownership.  Secondly, although you don’t have to give your reason for wanting to return the car, you can only have up to $200 worth of damage on the vehicle.

GM says that the reason for this is to protect itself against returns on cars that have been mangled, however $200 worth of damage can happen from a simple ding or paint nick.  Of course, GM will have to determine what is considered damage on the vehicle.  In addition, the vehicle can’t have over 4,000 miles on it.  Also keep in mind that only one car can be returned in a household and leased cars aren’t covered.  Of course most people won’t want to go to the trouble of retuning a car, they will just make sure to purchase a good auto warranty from the beginning.  After all, new car warranties will protect you from expensive repair costs.

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Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2009 at 1:39 pm In New Car Warranties  

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