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Archive for May 5th, 2008

Is It Cost Effective To Buy A Hybrid?

Well, it is obvious that hybrids are the wave of the future.  Gas prices are staying over $3 per gallon and the price of oil is approximately $100 per barrel.  Motorists are spending a lot of money on maintenance, new car warranties and financing, and need to save on fuel costs.  So, is it worth […]

What Are Antilock Brakes?

Most vehicles today have ABS, or Antilock brakes.  You’ve probably heard about these brakes but may not know what they are.  ABS is a safety feature that detects if one of the wheels is going to lock up in your vehicle.  In this case the hydraulic pressure of that wheel is controlled, similar to when […]

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The 2008 Honda Fit

If you’re looking for an affordable car that will give you a lot of bang for your buck, consider the Honda Fit. It has a versatile, perky performance and is one of the coolest hatchbacks to date. At a base price of $13,950 complete with an auto warranty, this car delivers The Fit has a […]

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