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Auto News: The Next Prius

Toyota looks to continue success in hybrid car market.

extended warranty With gas prices and concern for the environment both on the rise, many motorists are increasingly focused on one set of numbers represented by three small letters.  MPG as everyone knows stands for miles per gallon.  But did you know that Toyota hopes to put a really big number in front of those letters?  How does 113 sound to you?  As in 113 mpg.  
Toyota hopes to set a new record for production cars by reaching this number with its next version of the Prius.  The Prius is already one of the most popular hybrid options available to drivers in North America but with competition from other automakers they hope to build on its success. 
The Prius works by alternating between running its gas powered engine and in electric mode.  The new version will run in electric mode far more often, including all the time at slow speeds.  This will all be accomplished with some really cool new batteries.  These aren’t your average double A’s. 

The current Prius uses nickel-hydride items, which currently offer the best balance between cost and performance.  But engineers are working on new lithiumion cells, which are lighter, smaller, generate more power and last longer.

 Look for this new Prius around 2008 as well as electric offerings by the likes of Subaru and Mitsubishi some time after that.

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Posted on Thursday, April 13th, 2006 at 5:38 am In Auto Warranty  

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