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The Genesis Coupe by Hyundai

Hyundai has introduced many new car models lately, but the Genesis Coupe might be the most exciting.  This car created quite a stir last year at the L.A. Auto Show, and lost little with production. The Coupe is styled aggressively, and was actually emulated after an animal that was predatory.  This is obvious when looking […]

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Car Shopping Strategies That Help You Save

If you’re planning on going car shopping you need to do a few things first.  Just by taking some simple steps, you can save money on a vehicle and make the process a lot easier. First, you might want to think about buying a pre-owned car.  New cars will lose about 30% of their worth […]

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Common RV Blunders

Unfortunately, mistakes are a common occurrence when you’re in a place that is unfamiliar.  According to a recent survey, people who drive RV’s admit to making expensive slip-ups.  Approximately 1,000 RV motorists participated in the survey, and revealed some mishaps that are interesting to say the least. The following were the most common mistakes:  running […]

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Factor In Resale Value When Purchasing A Car

If you’re planning on buying a new car this year you should consider what it will be worth in several years, when it’s time to trade it in for a new vehicle.  There are four factors that will help you determine what your car’s resale value will be. First of all, supply and demand is […]

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Used Cars Known For Their Reliability

You may think that you have to spend a fortune to get a reliable vehicle, but that isn’t the case. There are hundreds of used car models that are reputable and reliable, and the price is right. Because cars are being made more reliable these days, people are finding pre-owned cars to be an appealing […]

Hybrids Are Dangerously Quiet

You would never think that a car being too quiet would be a concern, yet that is the case with hybrids.  Vehicles like the Toyota Prius are environmentally friendly, but not pedestrian friendly.  At a low speed, these cars are only as loud as a golf cart. There is a silent zone in hybrids that […]

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Pre-Owned Vehicles Are Making A Comeback

Fuel prices aren’t the only thing rising these days, prices of used hybrids and small, fuel-efficient cars have gone up a great deal in the last six months.  This is sparked by the shortage of popular, new vehicles that are fuel-efficient. Cars that were practically ignored last year are now being sold at a premium, […]

The Subaru Forester Is Updated For 2009

Small SUVs serve the purpose of ferrying people around on weekdays, and then bouncing through the countryside on the weekends. The 2009 Subaru Forester rises to this challenge with its new DC3 chassis, double wishbone rear suspension and AWD system. Although the Forester was originally a station wagon, the third-generation model is all SUV. This […]

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What Kind Of Vehicle Is Right For Your Family?

When shopping for a vehicle your family you should consider several things.  Most important are safety, reliability, and fuel efficiency.  Also, motorists should consider how much a vehicle will cost to own, not just the initial price.  For example, costs of maintenance, new car warranties, and insurance should be factored in. Believe it or not, […]

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Key Safety Features To Look For In A New Car

Safety is one of the biggest considerations when purchasing a new vehicle, but it’s difficult to make an assessment on your own.  There are many factors to consider when looking at the overall safety of a car.  Here are a few of the most important safety issues. First of all, you want to consider crash […]

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