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June Sales Don’t Look So Hot for the Auto Industry

June may drive the stake further into the heart of GM June has always been a low sales month for the auto industry, and GM is expected to take biggest brunt of the sword that will be slaying this month. However, during this month, Toyota and Honda sales are expected to continue rising during this […]

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Hybrid News From Ford

Ford changes promise A few months back, Bill Ford promised that his company, Ford Motor co., would produce 250,000 hybrids by 2010. However, now it seems that Ford is rearranging their promise. Ford is now not promising any number of hybrids at all. Ford has changed their focus. Now, they’re promising  2 million alternative fuel […]

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Auto Industry’s Innovation

Ford tries something new Everyone knows that the auto industry is not exactly a bed of roses right now.  Thus, companies are pulling out all the stops when it comes to innovation and new ideas. While in last place, Ford is trying the most "innovative" approach, Boldmoves is a documentary style website that’s "behind […]

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Auto Industry is still Waning

The Portuguese Plant is Closing GM is closing another major factory. The factory is in Portugal and it will close Oct. 31 of 2006. GM is constantly searching for ways to increase the profitability of the plant, but it seems that that’s not going to happen.  Gerald Johnson, GM’s Europe director, announced the closing in […]

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New York City Switches to Hybrid Taxis

Hybrid technology makes a big impact in New York New York City is expanding their hybrid-electric cabs this year. Soon NYC will have more hybrid cabs than regular cabs, which will save them a magnificent amount of money. The all new hybrid taxis can achieve more than double gas mileage of the original taxis. The […]

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VW’s Restructuring Underway

VW is laying off 6,000 workers Everyone’s favorite German engineered car, VW, is going to be cutting jobs at their Brazilian plant. VW will be cutting 6,000 jobs to increase profitability; the workers that will be cut will be from the Metal Workers Union. Volkswagan announced last May that there would be a restructuring plan […]

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Ford’s self proclamation of success

Ford stresses that they’re really going to make their goal Just yesterday I talked about how analysts did not believe Ford was going to make their 2008 goal of being a profitable company. Well, I think analysts still believe Ford will not make it, but Mark Fields, Ford’s president of Americas, believes they’re right on […]

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Ford’s Automotive Future at Risk

The auto industry struggles some more Back when Ford Motor Co. stated that they would cut 30 thousand jobs, William Clay Ford Jr., chief CEO and great grandson to Bill Ford, announced that, in 2008, Ford would be back on their feet (maybe you can guess where I’m going with this article). It seems, however, […]

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Whyville and the Scion

Scion reaching a young audience Toyota’s always been known for innovative marketing, but their new Scion kiddie marketing has got to be their boldest advertising move yet: It may appear counterintuitive, but Toyota says the promotion is working. Ten days into the campaign, visitors to the site had used the word “Scion” in online chats […]

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Vehicle Safety

Side Impact Airbags The all new Chevrolet Impala and Toyota Avalon have received some of the highest side impact crash ratings. The secret to their success is the new side impact airbags that were installed.  The Impala and the Avalon both endured side impacts from an SUV size car. With these new tests coming out […]

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