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2007 Expedition is Redesigned

Ford releases the newly redesigned Expedition Ford launched the  2007 Ford Expedition at the Houston Auto Show a week ago.  Notice the larger back end, and minivan-ish look.  Ford seems to realize that many of their SUV buyers are really wanting stylish minivans to transport their children. How many SUV owners do you know that […]

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Gas Prices Don’t Have To Empty Your Wallet

Car Maintenance Can Save You Money In Fuel Costs Taking a trip to the gas station is not something anyone looks forward to, with gas prices at all-time highs. But, with simple auto maintenance on your new OR older car, you can save money at the pumps. • Worn spark plugs – A vehicle can […]

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Japan Sees Increase of US Car Sales

Small Increase In US Auto Sales for Japan for the Month of January This month US car sales in Japan were higher than this time last year. However the increase was only a slight one according to says the increase will come entirely from non-U.S. companies: Sales by General Motors Corp., Ford Motor […]

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Detroit Auto Show Sees Lower Attendance

759,310 visitors to the North American International Auto Show While seeing 2% lower numbers, the organizers were still happy to see excited fans and auto enthusiasts. Show officials note that attendance isn’t the only measure of success. National and international media attention is another benchmark, and in that regard, the show improved, Genthe said. "We’ve […]

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2007 Cadillac Escalade Lower Priced

Top Automaker, GM, Tries New Marketing Strategy This year’s Escalade will end up with a base price of exactly the same as last year’s base, $57,280. Once the new model buzz dies off, Brancheau says production levels for the ’07 Escalades will be very close to that of the outgoing model, which stood at 40,437 […]

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Car buying gets more comfortable for today’s automobile purchasers

If you thought buying a new or used vehicle was boring, an auto mall may be the answer Dreading a visit to the car dealership for warranty repairs? An automall in Arizona aims to make you enjoy your visit.  In fact, they hope you’ll stop in as often as you visit the shopping mall. Soon […]

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Toyota Grows In The US

Will the hybrid Camry help them overtake GM as the top automaker in the US Toyota expanded a great deal over the last 12 months in the US.  Look to see that expansion continue as they release this year’s hybrid Camry. The gas-electric Camry will be Toyota’s first hybrid made in North America. Its smaller […]

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Luxury Car Sales Down

More Americans Are Steering Clear of Luxury Vehicles With gas prices up and deep car discounts on the "Big 3" automaker’s vehicles, luxury car sales are down this month. It seems most people are having trouble paying the exorbitant prices for luxury vehicles these days, especially during the holiday season.  While these numbers fluctuate greatly […]

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New Car News, Car-toons, and Auto Enthusiast Freebies

Car Crazy Central is a hit with savvy car enthusiasts If you love cars check out Car Crazy Central. The site has recently launched as a portal for car lovers. The site boasts e-cards, news, forums, and email newsletters to keep you abreast of auto industry happenings. The Car Crazy News section provides daily updated […]

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Auto Sales Up in 2005

Cars sales rise at the end of the year. Finally good news in the American auto industry, as sales rise 10.3% to end 2005.   The auto industry has weathered some tough news over the past year, and auto giants Ford and GM are seeing particularly bleak futures.  But, it looks like an upswing is […]

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