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Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles Like Ford�s Focus Set New Warranty Standards

Ford’s PZEV Focus Out of respect for Ford, we will follow up yesterday’s not-so-charming report on the Ford dealership warranty fraud with a heart-warming reference to Ford’s PZEV Focus. In an attempt to raise awareness about Ford’s Focus model’s direct comparison to hybrid fuel efficiency, Ford is smacking PZEV labels on its Focus in California. […]

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Extended Warranty Fraud Investigation

Dealerships Selling Faulty Warranties A Ford Dealership in Michigan is being reported as selling faulty extended warranties to its car buyers. The accusations from customers against the dealership are in terms of the business’ ability to follow through with warranty payment, leaving customers with repair bills they anticipated covered. The article also states that the […]

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Deciphering Your Auto Warranty

An Auto Warranty That’s Right For You Your automobile warranty should provide you with the specific coverage you need. A warranty with loopholes can add stress to rather than relief the intensity of a break-down, unexpected repair, or a minor collision. Car trouble that is unanticipated is difficult enough without showing up to the mechanic […]

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Warranty Coverage For Any Repair Location

Does Your Warranty Limit Repair Shops? In the continuation to unfold the various shapes and sizes that auto warranties come in, a limiting factor of some coverage companies is the location allowance, or lack thereof. It’s safe to say that most Americans do not have a specific repair shop over a long period of time. […]

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More Sale Potential With an Auto Warranty

A Warranty Adds Automobile Value Car owners who intend to eventually sell, or even have the slightest inclination towards selling should consider the fact that an automobile warranty included in the sale is an excellent benefit for the buyer. As you drive your vehicle with the peace of mind that only warranty coverage can bring, […]

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Auto Warranty Deductibles

Whats in A Warranty Deductible An automobile warranty can vary tremendously depending upon your warranty coverage inclusions. This is especially true for the amount you will spend to have the service. Similarly to other types of insurances, your auto warranty has a deductible. Many top of the line warranty providers are going to give you […]

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Buying an Appropriate Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty Research Many a car owner has experienced the advantage an extended auto warranty can provide to their ownership of a vehicle. The car owner who has made use of their warranty can vouch for its worth when they discover the significant cost reduction and sanity saving it offers in the event of unforeseen […]

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Have Full Assurance In Your Automobile

Consider Your Car’s Reliability Purchasing a vehicle can be a tremendous decision. Even the most proven makes and models have disappointed a buyer or two, or even come through a recall from the manufacturer. As a car buyer, you can rarely anticipate the reliability of the automobile exactly. Doing some research on the car’s history […]

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Appreciating Your Automobile

Automobile Coverage For the Long-Haul For some, warranty coverage is a disputable matter. Many car owners don’t consider that protection for their automobile incase of unexpected repair needs. Of course no vehicle buyer likes to think that their means of transportation will eventually cost them far more than anticipated, and when it happens, it can […]

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Tesla’s All-Electric Sports Car

Efficiency and performance come together without gasoline I remember the days when Tesla was a band that helped shape the form of modern rock we have today. But now there’s a new Tesla in town–if you’re in Los Angeles, California, that is–and they’re reshaping the automobile industry. Tesla Motors has introduced the Tesla Roadster, and […]

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