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Which 2008 Cars Are The Safest?

Motorists who want to buy a new vehicle have several concerns: reliability, safety and an auto warranty.  Recently, The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety listed the thirty-six 2008 cars that they rate highest for safety. Which vehicles are there favorites? The Toyota Tundra was the only truck that made the list.  Its main safety features […]

Vehicles That Deserve A Second Look

It’s common knowledge that carmakers are having a difficult year. And just to make things even harder, some cars that are perfectly good don’t even get a fair shake. One car model can be just as good as another one, yet consumers don’t give it the attention of a competing model. For instance, the Saab […]

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The Saturn Vue Green Line

The Saturn Vue SUV green line will have better fuel economy than the Vues that are gas only.  They feature a simple hybrid system that Ford and Toyota use.  The green line is only around $1,500 more than the price of a comparable Vue that only operates on gas.  This allows consumers to be able […]

Depreciation Is A Key Factor When Buying Used Vehicles

With gas prices over $4 per gallon, motorists are looking a little more closely at used cars.  The National Automobile Dealers Association reports that last year the average cost of a used vehicle was around $15,000, while it was $29,000 for new vehicles. While you want to purchase a pre-owned car that has a solid […]

Replacing Your Alternator

When considering the engine, most people don’t realize how important the alternator is.  In fact, the alternator is indispensable because the engine won’t run without it.  The alternator is the source where the power train gets power. Alternators were created in order to convert mechanical energy into a current that is alternating.  In order to […]

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All-Wheel Drive Vehicles Get Better Fuel Economy

An innovative original system will boost fuel efficiency approximately 1 m.p.g. in the all-wheel drive Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300, 2009 models.  Drivers will be thrilled to have extra savings, due to this technology.  Also, new car warranties will ensure that drivers don’t pay extra expenses. Chrysler has already made significant changes to its vehicle […]

The Two-Mode Hybrid System

The two-mode hybrid system will be coming soon.  The Allison Transmission division of BMW, GM, and DaimlerChrysler originally developed this system.  This alliance is called the Global Hybrid Corporation. The reason that this system is called a two-mode hybrid is because it has high and low-speed modes for the electric variable transmission.  Four fixed gear […]

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The 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

SUVs that are small offer better efficiency than their bigger counterparts, but even the most efficient models can get expensive to top off, since gas is over $4 per gallon in many parts of the country. But, if you are still determined to purchase an SUV, what are you to do? One of the most […]

Why Is An Auto Warranty A Must?

Some recent bulletins stating nagging problems with several car models make an auto warranty a must.  The following information is put out by the manufacturers to the service departments of dealers, as well as to mechanics. Some GM vehicles have had problems with oil leaks. Vehicles that were produced between 1986 and 2008 with various […]

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Ensure The Best Deal On A New Vehicle

When purchasing a new car, it is up to consumers to do their homework before shopping.   This will ensure the best deal possible.  Three important tips will save you from unnecessary costs. First, look around to find the best dealership.  One way to do this is to check the Internet about dealerships. Web searches can […]

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