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Kia Rondo Kicks Butt With Warranty

“It’s not a bad thing that if you’re stranded by the side of the freeway with a catastrophic engine failure and the odometer reads 98,600 miles, you know you’re not going to have to shell out thousands…” And that is what will be the Rondo’s greatest kicker;the auto warranty. “The fit and finish on the […]

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Toyota Tundra Really Wants You

If you are thinking new truck, Toyota is doing their best to make sure that you think Tundra. “If it looks like the pickup truck wars are on, and one automaker from Japan is not declaring “Mission Accomplished”. Within the span of a couple months, the new “game-changing” Tundra was launched, Toyota then placed cash […]

Used Car Warranties: Change Your Oil Less Often

Contrary to everything you’ve been told, changing your oil every 3000 miles may no longer be the rule of thumb. Due to advanced engine design and better quality oil the old maxim may be a couple thousand miles off the mark. “Ford Motor Co. became the latest manufacturer to extend its oil life guidelines, making […]

Avoiding Lemons

If you have never purchased a car on your own before, there are some basics that you should be aware of. promises to give the novice buyer more than the basics. For less than $20 you can delve deeply into a multi-faceted tutorial on car buying savvy garnered from over 25 years in the […]

Hoosier Grown Toyota Rolling Out in April

The first Hoosier grown Toyota Camry should be rolling out of Subaru of Indiana’s Lafayette factory on April 20th. Under an agreement made with Fuji Heavy Industries Toyota was able to start production in one year instead of the normal three years it would have taken to build a plant from scratch. “Subaru will make […]

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Protect Yourself From Warranty Fraud

Some things bear repeating. When examining various used car and new car warranties, check to see if the business soliciting your trade is listed with the Better Business Bureau. A recent tactic employed by a warranty company involved soliciting business by incorrectly informing owners through the mail that their current factory warranty was about to […]

Does Your Auto Warranty Require an Anti-Terrorist Oath?

A bit off the beaten path for auto warranties but an interesting development with a warranty written for a computer hard drive. It requires that you take an anti-terrorists oath. The hard drive buyer explains: “I essentially had to promise that I would not use the replacement Seagate hard drive to build or disseminate information […]

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Used Car Warranties: A Brief History of Warranties

When you are studying used car warranties and extended warranties, have you ever wondered where warranties came from anyway? OK, so you just care about cost and reliable providers, but it gives you pause when you consider there was a time when warranties didn’t exist at all. “Back in the 1950s, people started complaining that […]

New Car Warranties: Buick Reclaims Super

“All Buick models come standard with the industry’s best coverage, including a four-year/50,000-mile vehicle warranty, and a five-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.” And that good warranty is the most boring thing about Buick’s new models. Buick is reclaiming it’s prominence in the car buying public’s consciousness by reintroducing Buick’s definition of “super”. “Buick has rekindled a name […]

New Car Warranties: Hyundai Looses Ground as Chairman Faces Appeal

Hyundai faces grave challenges even as they seek to become the world’s fifth largest car maker. Their chairman, Chung Mong Koo, privy to every decision made at Hyundai, faces a year long appeal and possible jail time stemming from charges of embezzlement. Chung was pivotal to bringing Hyundai from being the “butt of jokes” to […]

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