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Archive for March 13th, 2007

Used Car Warranties: A Used Car Purchase May Be the Better Choice

There are many practical considerations in buying a used car as well as some sound reasons to choose a used car over a new car purchase. After all, it is a maxim in auto purchases that a new car starts loosing value the moment that you drive it off the lot. Often you can find […]

New Car Warranties: Chrysler Recall and Other Recall News

If you are a Dodge Durango or Jeep Liberty owner, be aware that your vehicle could possibly be rounded up in a recall issued by Chrysler for almost a half million automobiles. “Chrysler “Group said on Friday it would recall almost half a million vehicles, including recent models of the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Durango […]

Auto Warranty: Buzz for Hybrids Unwarranted?

No matter what auto warranty covers your hybrid, the concept itself is not turning out to be the big money maker that foreign and domestic brands had imagined. Since there is no auto warranty that covers resale or secures a good return on the premium consumers pay for hybrids, you might want to re-think a […]

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