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Microsoft Moves to Automobiles

New software from MIcrosoft that goes in your car. Microsoft is trying to move into the automotive industry. Microsoft is now creating software for vehicles. The Fiat is the first car to get the new Windows Operating System. Based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile for Automotive software, the system is ultimately expected to be available for […]

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Going back to the basics for Ford

Ford reworking advertising and sales strategy Ford is in the spotlight this week. They’re going back to the basics in hopes of selling more vehicles this year. With the car industry in a slump, going back to the basics may not be a bad idea. Ford is calling this new campaign "focus vehicle." Ford will […]

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Toyota and GM End Fuel-Cell partnership

Fuel-Cell partnership goes nowhere Toyota Motor Corp. and GM Motor Corp. will be ending their signature alliance and joint research on fuel-cell vehicle development. This, should come as no surprise because the two companies could not resolve intellectual property issues and their research was at a standstill. However, the companies will continue to work together […]

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Chevrolet Launches New ad Campaign

New ad campaign from Chevrolet Chevrolet is beginning its second phase of the "American Revolution" ad campaign and they’re starting it with the Olympics. This new campaign will consist of intensive television, print, and internet ads.  One of the new slogans, which you may have already seen, is "America’s brand salutes America’s best." Chevy will […]

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Steps to Cut Gas Consumption and Refueling Costs

A few common sense steps to saving money at the gas pump Fluctuating gas prices are now a signature of the oil industry. With all of the fluctuation in gas prices, it would be wise to enhance your vehicle’s mpg in any way. There are a few things you can do to increase your vehicles […]

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Top Ten Autos for 2005

Not a single American car manufacturer makes the list 2005 was a tough year for American auto industry. The industry as a whole is having to take a step back and try to figure out what went wrong. I can sense when something is amiss and this certainly seems like one of those times. It […]

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Buying a New Car ?

Things to consider when buying a new car. When buying a car, some of us spend a great deal of time researching. We research because we don’t want to spend any more time than we are required to find the best price on the vehicle we want. We want all the luxuries without the luxary […]

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Online Auto Advertising

Online auto Advertising is on the rise Anyone who watches TV knows that the auto industry has the lockdown on TV advertising. I think every other commercial is a car commercial. Well, get ready, the auto industry is pulling out all the stops and crossing the digital divide and heading to the internet. The auto […]

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Auto Warranties

Auto Warranties provide peace of mind Ever had vehicle problems? A reliable auto warranty can give anyone peace of mind while dealing with auto problems. A good auto warranty will cover large problems like engine overhauls and smaller ones like water pumps malfunctioning. You don’t want to end up parked with no way to go, […]

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$545 Million Investment by General Motors

A big investment amidst troubling times for the car giant General Motors Corp. will be investing $545 million in five different production plants in the Michigan area. This seems odd for GM, considering that they lost $8.6 billion last year alone and have already ditched 27,000 employees since 2000. However, Joel Spielman, general manager of […]

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