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Steps to Cut Gas Consumption and Refueling Costs

A few common sense steps to saving money at the gas pump


Fluctuating gas prices are now a signature of the oil industry. With all of the fluctuation in gas prices, it would be wise to enhance your vehicle’s mpg in any way. There are a few things you can do to increase your vehicles gas mileage, thereby decreasing what you pay at the pump.

  1. Good vehicle maintenance is always a must.
    Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape will not only supplement your vehicle’s gas mileage, but it will also keep you safer.

    Just simple measures like keeping your tires properly inflated can make a real difference.

    If you’re not a vehicle wiz, just take your vehicle to your local auto mechanic and tell him or her to give you a tune-up.

  2. Get rid of any excess junk in your vehicle.
    That’s right, clean out your trunk and back seat to make room for all that money you’ll save.

    Some studies suggest the average driver carries around between 50 and 100 pounds of unnecessary weight – not counting the very important spare tire, jack, and emergency road kit – that costs you each time you fill your car, truck, SUV, or (mini)van.

  3. Consolidate your trips.
    Carefully plan your errands so you’re not backtracking yourself too much.

    For example, when you have a doctor’s appointment in another city or another part of your town, try to think ahead to any other business you might need to conduct in that area.

    Also, try and stock up on the necessities. You don’t need to make 15 trips to the grocery store in one week. Think ahead of time; make a list of what you need for the entire week and get it done with one trip.

  4. Carpool
    Finally, if you have kids, you know that it’s difficult to manage all of their schedules especially if you’re acting as chauffer.  You, as a parent, may want to initiate a car pool with other parents so you can split the cost of gas. Likewise, you may want to inform your child about the fuel situation, from a global perspective.

Encourage your children to help you conserve fuel and let them know that in doing so, they help you afford other things they like even better than trips out.

These are just a few common sense ways that you can decrease the amount of fuel you use and increase the amount of money you save.

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Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2006 at 11:45 pm In Auto Warranty  

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