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Do You Need A New Water Pump?

The heart of the cooling system in a vehicle is the water pump.  It serves the purpose of circulating engine coolant through the entire system, starting with the radiator, then to the engine and back.  The water pump allows you to use air conditioning when it’s hot out. The vehicle’s engine powers the water pump […]

The Problem With Satellite Navigation Devices

Satellite navigation devices, or the popular GPS interfaces that many motorists have in their vehicles, are, partly responsible for a large share of accidents and driving practices that are risky. With about half of the motorists on the roads having access to devices such as these in their vehicles, it appears that this technology has […]

How To Buy Car Parts

Most people don’t realize that there is certain etiquette involved when ordering parts at the parts counter.  Following this etiquette will allow you to get the parts that you want without unnecessary hassle and keep you from driving the staff crazy. When you go to a parts counter at a dealership you need to have […]

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Why The Chevrolet Malibu Is A Great Family Car

It isn’t easy finding a vehicle that suits a family’s needs.  In fact, it is a challenging pursuit that can leave motorists feeling overwhelmed.  So, what are the important things to consider when buying a family vehicle? First of all, a car must be affordable.  In other words, the base price shouldn’t be more than […]

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How Has The SUV Market Changed?

There has been a drastically changing landscape for the SUV market over the past year.  Driven by the poor economy, truck-based and full-size SUVs have declined in favor of car-based SUVs that are smaller.  MSN Autos has also experienced this trend among car searches. The Honda CRV is the most popular, and best selling SUV […]

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Why People Love Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Some people think of used cars as being dirty, junky and old.  But a different market is making savvy buyers who are looking for updated vehicles pay attention.  The bonus is that these cars don’t have the sticker price of new cars. Certified pre-owned cars have undergone rigid inspections and been refurbished by their manufacturer.  […]

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A Pre-Owned Vehicle May Be Just What You Need

Purchasing a used vehicle can be a wise financial decision that will allow you to save thousands of dollars, if you take the time to do your homework ahead of time.  This is especially true in these hard times when you are pinching pennies and trying to save on fuel. New vehicles lose approximately 40 […]

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What Is A Supercar?

Sports car enthusiasts consider the supercar to be the ultimate vehicle.  What is a supercar you may ask?  A supercar is a very high-end sports car that has power and handling that is exceptional. It can be challenging to find one of these cars, and even more of a challenge to find the funds for […]

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Minor Adjustments To The 2010 Audi Q7 TDI

According to Audi, there will be minor adjustments to the Q7 SUV, which include a front and rear end that is slightly revised.  However, the change that is the most noticeable on this vehicle is the LED running lights that encircle the entire design of the headlight.  In addition, the rear also gets LED brake […]

The Audi Q7 Gets A High Safety Rating

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety designated the Audi Q7 as a Top Safety Pick.  This is the highest rating possible by the group, which means the Audi Q7 had top scores in front, rear and side crash tests. The Q7 is considered a large SUV by the IIHS, and typically vehicles in this class […]

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