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Shopping For A Car That Suits Your Needs

Many people struggle to decide what kind of car to buy.  It can be difficult to sort through all of the vehicle options to arrive at the car that best suits you.  Here are some important factors to consider that will help you make the right decision when purchasing a car. First of all, decide […]

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Making Yourself An Informed Car Shopper

For motorists who like to take things into their own hands, the Internet is the place to look for valuable information.  Consumers are seeking research online to aid them in buying a new automobile, finding out about car service, and finding a good auto warranty. A new study shows that 74 percent of people who […]

Don’t Get Stuck With Sticker Shock

Often motorist get sticker shock or experience buyer’s remorse after buying a new car.  However, you can avoid this by considering the expenses that you will encounter in the future. According to experts, most consumers anticipate the price of the purchase, registration and taxes.  However, many people forget to factor in the price of insurance, […]

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Don’t Get Stuck Buying A Lemon

Buying a car can be overwhelming, yet, keeping a car can even be worse.  Enticing television ads and the lure on the web can make it hard to resist buying a new car.  However, during this difficult economy, it makes sense not to give in to temptation. In America, people find it hard to stay […]

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How To Keep From Getting Stranded In Rush Hour Traffic

According to research, more commuters than ever are experiencing rush hour breakdowns.  These breakdowns occur between 7-9 am and are leaving employees and carpool moms stranded.  Motorists should have a roadside assistance program to protect themselves in this case. Breakdowns leave drivers stranded and expose them to road dangers.  In a recent survey of motorists […]

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How To Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket This Holiday Weekend

We’ve all been there.  You’re driving along when all of a sudden you hear sirens blaring behind you.  You realize that you are going to get a speeding ticket and you really don’t have the extra funds to pay for it.  With all of the expenses you’re already paying for your vehicle, such as roadside […]

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What Safety Do Midsized SUVs Offer?

Most people believe that SUVs are the safest vehicles on the road; however, recent test results show that midsize SUVs may not offer the best safety.  In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that a lot of cars produced better results in crash tests than six midsize SUVs. The SUVs tested were the […]

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How Long Will It Take For America To Have All Hybrids?

Imagine one day waking up to find that the only vehicles on the roads, in driveways, and in parking lots were electrics or hybrids. CNW Marketing Research made some calculations to determine when America would become completely hybridized, and could stop depending on Middle Eastern powers for barrels of oil. Based on the amount of […]

How Does Your Car’s Gas Mileage Compare To Other Cars?

Drivers who are fuel-conscious now have a new innovative way to calculate their vehicle’s mileage and compare their mileage to other drivers’.  Also, motorists will be able to devise ways that they can improve their own fuel-economy. A new website, called, allows you to put your car in their system by entering details about […]

How To Avoid Hitting Animals On The Road

Colorado has a new system that will help prevent road kill along one of the busiest highways in the state.  The system works by using an underground cable running parallel to the highway that is able to sense if an animal is around through an electromagnetic field.  If an animal trips the system, drivers are […]

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