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Be Sure To Know The Terms Of Your Auto Warranty

It is common that people ask dealership service departments whether or not the service being performed on their cars is covered by their auto warranty. Many motorists just assume that their warranty provides coverage for repairs that are done on their car, despite specific maintenance requirements, environmental conditions, and vehicle mileage. An auto warranty is […]

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Car Maintenance And An Auto Warranty Will Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

To maintain a car’s top performance, it is necessary for motorists to get routine service and maintenance. This will keep the car ready when encountering difficult driving conditions. Buying new car warranties and used car warranties is a smart idea so that you feel at ease when bringing your car into the shop for repairs […]

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The Benefits Of Used Cars And Used Car Warranties

Generally, you will get a better value when you buy a used car. This is especially true for later models. Used cars are less expensive and there are lower ownership expenses such as taxes and collision insurance. Also, you can find a car that is better equipped when you purchase used. Consumer appeal to used […]

2 Kinds Of Extended Auto Warranties

There are two different kinds of extended auto warranties. There are warranties that are retrieved through an aftermarket auto warranty company and warranties that are backed by the manufacturer. An extended auto warranty that is bought through an aftermarket company will generally be more inexpensive. This type of extended auto warranty varies in quality and […]

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