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Things To Consider When Buying A Sports Car

Why buy a sports car?  Sports cars are not made to be practical, they are made to be fun.  They are available in various models, such as two-seat roadsters and hatchbacks.  Many models have relatively small cargo space, while others offer ample rear cargo room.  Here are some things to consider when deciding which car […]

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Truck Based vs. Car Based SUVs

SUVs come in a wide array of prices and sizes. They provide more versatility than any other vehicle. They have varying cargo carrying options, carry up to eight people, and allow for a driving position that is higher than cars. In addition, they can tackle off-road terrain. There are car based and truck based SUVs. […]

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When Buying A Used Car Inspect The Interior

Buying a used car can be a great choice.  You can get a nice car for less money and don’t have to worry about depreciation.  However, it is always necessary to inspect the car that you are looking at before purchasing it.  And since you will spend most of the time on the inside of […]

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The Most Popular Convertibles

Probably the one vehicle that has been known to stir up people’s emotions like no other is the convertible. Driving a convertible gives a motorist a sense of exhilaration and freedom.  There are around 30 models of convertibles in the U.S. ranging from $20,000 to over $300,000.  What are the most popular? The #1 convertible […]

Pros Of The Minivan

The minivan might not be the vehicle of choice if you’re trying to portray a hip image.  However, when you look on the inside, you’ll realize why it’s ideal for hauling people around.  Just take a look at the Chrysler Town & Country to see how a minivan can make life with kids easier than […]

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Men’s Cars vs. Women’s Cars

Ask a woman if she wants to purchase a Dodge Viper and her answer is likely “no”.  This is a V-10, sports car with two seats with a starting sticker price of approximately $80,000.  However, studies show that this car attracts a large proportion of men drivers.  It seems that as far as cars go, […]

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Consider Safety Features Before Purchasing A Vehicle

When looking to buy a new vehicle it is important to consider crash test ratings, electronic stability control, and rollover resistance.  When evaluating a car for safety, remember to look closely at the following. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducts crash tests on vehicles.  They rate vehicles based on results in frontal crashes and […]

Fun Cars For Under $25K

Is it necessary to pay $40K in order to get a stimulating, engaging car? The answer is absolutely not; there are many vehicles out there that come with a good auto warranty for under $25K. Here are a few to consider. The Honda Civic Si is a great choice at $21,110. This is a high […]

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Why Do Some Cars Have A Cult Following?

Several small vehicles have had cult status, the French Deux Chevaux, the Volkswagen Beetle, and the original Mini. All of these cars were popular in their day. However, they also had something else; an indefinable quality that gave them a cult following. Today, there are new vehicles with a retro-style in the American market. The […]

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Pros Of Purchasing A Used Car

Typically, you will get the best value purchasing a used vehicle. This is especially true for late models. Not only will you find the price to be lower than a new vehicle that is comparable, but also expenses for ownership, such as taxes and collision insurance will be less. In addition, a used vehicle has […]

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