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When Buying A Used Car Inspect The Interior

images-214.jpegBuying a used car can be a great choice.  You can get a nice car for less money and don’t have to worry about depreciation.  However, it is always necessary to inspect the car that you are looking at before purchasing it.  And since you will spend most of the time on the inside of the car, make sure to inspect there as well.

After you open the door of the car, smell the interior.  If you detect, mold, must or mildew it could mean that the car has water leaks.  Look for wet spots under the floor mats.  A smoker might have owned the car if you detect an acrid smell.  Odors can be very hard to eliminate, so if you smell something you don’t like, look for another car.

Sit in all of the seats, including the back, even if you don’t plan on ever riding in the back.  If a car is supposed to have low miles, the upholstery should be in good condition.  Make sure seat adjustments work properly.

Look at the rubber on the pedals for wear.  The pedals shouldn’t look very worn if the car indicates low mileage.  If they are worn through in places, it could be a sign that the mileage isn’t correct.

A used vehicle is a great option if you do your homework.  Research costs for an auto warranty, maintenance, and auto insurance to make sure you are making a smart purchase.  And definitely have the car inspected before buying.

Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 7:02 am In Auto Warranty  

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