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Save Money When Car Shopping

There are some things that you should do before purchasing a new or used vehicle. Here are some tips to help you save money when car shopping. First off, consider buying a used car. New cars lose about 30% of their value the minute you drive them out of the dealership. However, the value of […]

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Be Familiar With The Terms Of Your Auto Warranty

Often times people find themselves asking dealership service departments whether or not the service done on their cars is under their auto warranty. Many drivers will make the assumption that their warranty covers repairs despite certain maintenance requirements, vehicle mileage, and environmental conditions. An auto warranty is a contract you have with the car’s manufacturer. […]

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Things To Think About When You Go For A Test-Drive

When test-driving a car you need to keep some things in mind. Test-drives are very important when considering purchasing a car. It is important to go into a test-drive knowing exactly which model car that you are considering buying. There are many different features in each model that has a large effect on the way […]

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People Want Sports Cars

Sports cars are not built to be practical vehicles but they are built to be enjoyable. They are offered in different models such as hatchbacks and two-seat roadsters. Most models do not have a lot of cargo space but some models do offer plenty of rear cargo space. Here are some things to keep in […]

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Replacing Your Shocks And Struts

At some point your mechanic will tell you that your shocks and struts need to be replaced. Once you are told the costly price of getting these parts replaced you will probably question whether or not you can get away with not replacing them. Your car’s shocks and struts serve to purposes in your car. […]

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What Kind Of Sedan Is Best For You?

Sedans can be a beneficial purchase because they will give you a good balance of handling, fuel-efficiency, performance, and safety. They will be able to perform well in most driving situations. If you do not need to store a large amount of cargo in your car, then a sedan can be a good option for […]

Get The Most Out Of Your Auto Warranty

An auto warranty can help drivers feel more relaxed about bringing their car to the mechanic. In order to get the most out of your auto warranty, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Usually, you will need service records for your warranty. Therefore it is important to always keep your records […]

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