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BMW Is Extending Maintenance Plans

Purchasing a BMW isn’t only expensive because of the purchase price; many people who shop for luxury cars are concerned about added costs such as maintenance, insurance and new car warranties.  For many years BMW has offered to pick up the tab on maintenance costs for new car purchases for up to 50,000 miles or […]

SUVs That Consumers Rank Well

If you’re thinking of purchasing a small SUV you’re in luck because there are many good choices.  Compact SUVs offer practicality, fuel-efficiency, and nice style.  In fact you can find many models for under $25,000 complete with an auto warranty.  So what are the best and worst models to consider?  Read on. The Honda CR-V […]

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What Kind Of Oil Should You Be Using?

Many motorists aren’t sure whether they should use regular or synthetic oil in their cars.  The answer depends on the age of the vehicle, mileage, and the recommendations by the carmaker. Vehicles with high mileage that are older often have excessive engine wear that allows oil to leak internally.  Synthetic oil isn’t recommended on these […]

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Beware of Tactics That Used Car Dealers Use

One trick that people use to sell a used car is to detail it until it looks brand new.  However, beware, a motor that is steam-cleaned won’t fix a gasket that is blown.  This is why it is important to purchase an auto warranty. Having said that, dealers that are reputable typically won’t try to […]

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It’s Important To Maintain Your Battery

It’s important to realize that in today’s cars the main source of power is still the battery.  The battery is not just used to start the engine; it is also used to supply electrical energy that maintains the memory of the numerous computers onboard.  Batteries and cable connections that are poorly maintained fail to supply […]

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Why Should You Avoid Driving In Reverse?

Due to the poor economy, everyone is looking for tips on how to save gas.  One easy thing that motorists can do is to avoid using reverse, if it isn’t necessary.  One example of this is when you are in a parking lot at the grocery store or mall.  Just by pulling through the parking […]

Costs You Can Avoid When Buying From A Car Dealership

It is essential for consumers to do their homework before trying to purchase a new vehicle.  To avoid unnecessary costs, follow these three important tips. First of all, you need to shop around to find the best dealership.  To do this, use the Internet and read blogs that people have written about specific dealerships.  You […]

Carmakers Are Getting Smart

The current reality for the car industry isn’t at all bright.  The economy of the country has experienced a weak dollar, a credit crisis, and soaring food prices.  This could mean that we are about to experience the worst year for car sales in over a decade. But automakers are getting smart.  They are building […]

Know Your Auto Warranty Terms

Every day people are asking dealership service departments, “Isn’t that covered under my auto warranty?” A lot of drivers assume that an auto warranty allows for repairs regardless of such things as maintenance requirements, environmental conditions, and vehicle mileage. An auto warranty is an agreement you make with the manufacturer of the car.  As the […]

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Minor Adjustments To The Audi Q7

According to Audi, there will be minor adjustments to the Q7 SUV, which include a front and rear end that is slightly revised.  However, the change that is the most noticeable on this vehicle is the LED running lights that encircle the entire design of the headlight.  In addition, the rear also gets LED brake […]

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