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Antique Car Shows

If you’re a lover of old cars you aren’t alone. Antique car shows all over the U.S. display vintage cars.  Crowds gather to admire these charming vehicles.  Owners who display their vehicles have a great deal of pride. Many people who own vintage cars have restored them piece-by-piece, literally. It’s not just that they have […]

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Cars That Help Curb Road Rage

One way to improve our world would be to alleviate road rage.  Everyone has gotten angry with another driver after being cut off. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had cars that helped curb road rage?  Well, those vehicles have arrived. Toyota’s RIN has friendliness in mind.  It has wide, deep windows that allow […]

Minivans Aren’t The Only Option For Families

When it comes time to purchase a family car, there are several considerations.  First, you have to think about having plenty of seats and cargo space so your family is comfortable.  Next, you need to find a car with good fuel economy, low maintenance costs, dependability and most importantly, safety.  That is a lot to […]

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Not Only Small Cars Are Fuel Efficient

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that small cars aren’t as safe as big vehicles, back in 1997.  Yet, today there are more small cars than ever.  Small vehicles aren’t the only way to accomplish fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions.  There are now light construction materials that can accomplish this feat on larger vehicles.  In […]

Maintain Your Car To Avoid Future Expenses

In order to help your car maintain it’s best performance it is necessary to get routine service and maintenance.  This will also prepare your vehicle for difficult driving conditions.  Here are a few tips to keep your car running at it’s best. First, it is necessary to regularly check your tire pressure.  It’s a good […]

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V-8’s Are Finding Their Place In History

The legendary and powerful V-8 engine is finding its place in history, because very few new cars are using it, according to U.S. car industry reports.  Consumers want to protect themselves with fuel-efficient vehicles that have an auto warranty, and aren’t purchasing vehicles with V-8 engines. The majority of carmakers are deciding not to put […]

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Steps To Assure Your Children Stay Safe In The Car

Do you realize that a seat belt alone won’t protect your child in a car accident? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, correctly using a child safety seat will reduce your child’s risk of being killed in a vehicle accident by 54% for a toddler, and 71% for an infant.  For this reason, […]

Toyota Keeps Drunken Drivers Off Of Roads

Unfortunately, drunk driving is a common practice that is responsible for thousands of car accidents and calls for emergency roadside assistance every year.  Ideally, motorists should take responsibility and not get behind the wheel after drinking, but this doesn’t always happen. Toyota has taken this matter seriously.  Currently, they are in the process of developing […]

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Tips To Help You Save On A New Car

When purchasing new cars consumers should do their homework to ensure that they are getting the best deal possible.  Here are three important tips that will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs. First of all, look around to find a dealership that is good.  You can do this by looking on the Internet and reading […]

Considerations When Buying A Sports Car

Why buy a sports car?  Sports cars are not made to be practical, they are made to be fun.  They are available in various models, such as two-seat roadsters and hatchbacks.  Many models have relatively small cargo space, while others offer ample rear cargo room.  Here are some things to consider when deciding which car […]

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