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Avoid Purchasing A Fraudulent Auto Warranty

If you are not aware of the rules and regulations of an auto warranty, it can be risky to purchase one. It is a good idea to hire a professional car consultant who can guide you through the process of purchasing an auto warranty. You have a higher chance of buying a fraudulent warranty without any assistance.

A fraudulent auto warranty will typically offer a wide variety of features at a much lower cost. The issue is that the seller that is claiming to provide this auto warranty, will not actually be able to provide all of the promised services. Fraudulent warranties are commonly found in the used car market. It is essential that consumers looking to purchase used car warranties proceed with caution when shopping. 

The US administration created a law that protects consumers from fraudulent auto warranties. it is called the used car warranty law. It is also commonly referred to as the lemon law.

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A Car Loan And A Used Car Warranty Can Be A Great Combination

People are heavily reliant upon their cars in order to get them through their everyday lives. If their car is not running properly, a breakdown is much more likely to occur. A vehicular breakdown could make getting through the day a much more stressful task. In addition to being inconvenient, a breakdown could require repairs that can be very expensive.

When an old car completely breaks down, most motorists assume that they just need to purchase another car. If buying a new car is not affordable, or if poor credit is a problem, a used car loan is a great option to help purchase another used car.

After purchasing a car, it is important to purchase used car warranties that can cover the costs of repairs and maintenance. Keeping a car running properly is super important, so if money is a bit of a struggle, an auto warranty helps to save a wallet from taking a hit every time a car goes into the shop.

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Don’t Just Settle For Any Auto Warranty

If you are looking to purchase an auto warranty, it is important to do your research. Some consumers will make a purchase based solely on the cost. Though price is an important factor to consider when purchasing an auto warranty, there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration.

When researching which auto warranty is right for you, always ensure that you are going to be purchasing one that is high quality. Look into the company that you are looking to purchase the warranty from. It is important to make sure that the company is reputable, reliable, established, and visible online. A great way to look into the quality of the company is to look it up on the Better Business Bureau. Make sure that the company has high ratings and is accredited.

If you do your research before purchasing your auto warranty, you will be much more likely to be satisfied with your final purchase.

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Why Having an Auto Warranty Is Essential

An auto warranty is essential for any car owner to have. So many people rely on their cars to get them through their daily lives. Using the car everyday puts a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle, so it is important that you are prepared in case your car ends up needing repairs.

Having an auto warranty is especially useful if you plan to keep it for a long time. An extended warranty will provide coverage for much more of the vehicle’s lifespan. Repair bills can be expensive on a car, so the warranty can cover the cost of many repairs you may need throughout your time of ownership.

An auto warranty is great for providing peace of mind when bringing your car into the shop. Don’t break your bank with costly repairs. Prepare yourself by purchasing a warranty that will provide the best coverage for your vehicle.

Buying A Used Vehicle Makes More Sense

Second to a house, buying a car is the most expensive purchase most of us will make. Choosing whether to buy a new vehicle or used vehicle sometimes seems like a tough decision but in reality, it is a no-brainer. Here are some reasons why…

Vehicles are becoming much more reliable as the technology in building them has become much more advanced. Because of this, vehicles are also lasting much longer. The problem with buying a new vehicle is it depreciates heavily in the first 2-3 years. This means that a $30,000 vehicle can depreciate 20-25% as soon as it is driven off the lot. Also, in the first few years of ownership as odometer miles click away it continues to depreciate very heavily. It is not unlikely scenario to have a vehicle that originally sold for $30,000 that has somewhere in the 30,000 mile range after three years sell for close to $20,000, a 33% drop in price. You would be smarter to be the owner of the same vehicle when it reaches $20,000 as over the next 5-10 years depreciation slows considerably at just a few percent per year. Wouldn’t it make more sense to be the second buyer that saved all that money and still has a relatively new vehicle to drive?

When purchasing a preowned vehicle that is only a few years old the car is usually still within its manufacturer’s warranty and is generally in “new” condition with no mechanical issues to be found.

The easiest way to verify when the car was originally purchased so you know when the warranty began and how much time it has remaining is to check one of the reports readily available such as CarFax or AutoCheck. These reports will tell you the history of the vehicle maintenance that is already been performed in any red flag issues such as accidents.

Extended auto warranty coverage is also available at very reasonable pricing on these vehicles as they are still considered “new”. To check on pricing and coverage availability you can contact companies like Auto Advantage Inc. at

How to Purchase Legitimate Auto Warranty Coverage And Not Get Burned

The auto warranty industry offers a consumer many choices of where they can purchase auto warranty coverage. Of course you can purchase coverage from a franchise dealer as most manufacturers offer their own extended warranty programs. However, these warranty programs are generally so overpriced it becomes a very poor investment overall to purchase the coverage. There are also numerous telemarketers, LLCs, and risk retention groups that offer coverage. The problem with these types of companies that they have no underwriting or insurance so when they close their doors, which they typically do every couple of years, all of the money they’ve collected to consumers goes with them. This makes it extremely important to fully research any company you are considering dealing with. Here are couple of very important things to consider when choosing a warranty company…

As you do your , make sure you use the following criteria when choosing a company to make sure you don’t get burned…

• Choose a company that is in business a minimum of 8-10 years so they are not only selling plans, but successfully paying claims.
• Choose a company that is directly underwritten by a US-based insurance carrier with at least an A/Excellent rating with AMBest or Standard & Poor’s.
• Choose a company that is A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau which is the only legitimate rating service out there.

Here is some additional information I think you might find helpful. Auto Advantage Incorporated has been offering automotive extended warranties and auto road service to the public for 40 years. They are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and have an “A+” rating. To look us up, please visit the national Better Business Bureau site at . The following is the information you would need…

Auto Advantage Inc
3494 Overlook Avenue
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Or you can just click on the direct link to our report which is…

All of their coverage is directly underwritten by an A/Excellent rating underwriter by AM Best Company and Standard & Poors.
To get your free, no obligation quote visit or call 800-933-9190 to speak with somebody by phone.

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Extended Auto Warranty Coverage For Your Exotic Vehicle

The auto warranty industry is laden with a menagerie of telemarketers, LLCs, & risk retention groups that come and go so it is very difficult to find a reputable company providing extended warranties on any vehicle, especially a high-line luxury or exotic vehicle. Thankfully, there is one company, the only company that has surfaced as a legitimate, insured, reputable warranty provider exotic vehicles.

Auto Advantage Inc. is now partnered with LaSalle Warranty Corp. and is their exclusive marketing agent and now offer coverage for the following vehicles…

Aston Martin warranties
Bentley warranties
Ferrari warranties
Lamborghini warranties
McLaren warranties
Rolls-Royce warranties
Maserati warranties
Land Rover warranty
Lotus warranties

Click on “Get A Free Quote” to get pricing and full coverage details. If you prefer, you can call 914-962-3535 and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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Let Someone Else Pay Much Of The Depreciation On Your Vehicle

When purchasing a car, especially a luxury car, it is generally a prudent financial move to purchase a used vehicle that is 1-3 years old as opposed to purchasing new. Doing this allows you to purchase the car at far lower pricing then it was new as the first owner of the vehicle generally pays a bulk of the depreciation leaving you with a much lower depreciation scale during ownership.

Many vehicles have a faster depreciation rate than others. This specially applies to highline luxury vehicles as there pricing is considerably higher so they have further to drop in the first few years of ownership.

Also, the knowledge that you can purchase an exclusionary bumper-to-bumper extended warranty plan which offers the same type of coverage that is provided by the manufacturer when the car is delivered new makes purchasing a preowned vehicle a very safe bet.

Some of the models we have found to be great deals as used luxury vehicles are the Lincoln, particularly the Navigator, the Audi, particularly the A6 or A8, the Volvo, particularly the XC60 or XC90, and almost any Cadillac, BMW, or Mercedes Benz model.

When shopping for a vehicle why not consider a preowned model to keep some of your hard-earned cash in your own pocket. To explore the best warranty plans available visit an industry leader like Auto Advantage Inc. or call 800-933-9190 for more info and pricing.

Warranties for Salvage Title or Rebuilt Title Vehicles

For the savvy, knowledgeable, cautious shopper there are many opportunities to buy a vehicle well below its actual retail value if they are willing to consider salvage or rebuilt title vehicle. There are many risks when exploring branded title vehicles but if you have a dealership or reliable inspection company fully check out the vehicle before you make a purchase, in many cases you can save a great deal of money.

However, there is a difference between salvage or rebuilt title vehicle and a flood or water damaged vehicle. Flood or water damaged vehicles are generally a much your risk and very rarely work out for the new owner. They tend to have a much larger chance of having mechanical or electrical failures as the vehicles were not designed to have water come in contact with their sensitive components.

If you are going to consider salvage or rebuilt title vehicle you will definitely want to have warranty coverage to protect you in the somewhat likely event that a major failure occurs. Purchasing auto warranty coverage can help you manage the cost of owning the vehicle even if you are faced with a costly failure. Almost all warranty companies will not warranty salvage or rebuilt title vehicle as the risk is very high and they will likely see a large number of claims which makes it a losing proposition for them. Some telemarketers claim to offer coverage for these vehicles but don’t generally stay in business long enough to provide claims assistance as they have no direct underwriting and generally have no intention of paying claims over the long-term.

That being said, there is one company that has been in business since 1979, is A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and has an A/Excellent rated underwriter that provides several coverage options for vehicles with branded titles. If you are going to consider purchasing one of these vehicles make sure to get a warranty quote prior to finalizing the purchase from Auto Advantage Inc. in Yorktown Heights New York. They provide warranties for all vehicles but specialize in salvage title or rebuilt title vehicles. To get your quote please visit or call 800-933-9190.

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Should A Car Be Inspected By A Professional Before Purchasing?

Purchasing a used car is an exciting experience though a bit intimidating for the average person. Once you find the vehicle that you’d like to purchase you need to be cautious that you are not inheriting somebody else’s previous problems. Whether you are purchasing the vehicle privately or from a dealer, it is always advisable to have a professional mechanic trained to perform used vehicle inspections check it out prior to completing your purchase. This can be done for a nominal fee and can save you many headaches you may run into later on if you haven’t had the car checked out first.

Dealers sometimes claim that they have thoroughly checked the vehicle and that it is road ready. The fact of the matter is dealers are not always honest and sometimes have not done anything other than drive the car onto the lot and offered for sale.

Buying the car privately is no better as there is a reason the person is selling the car. In many cases, because they don’t want it because it has been a problem and would rather somebody else have to deal with it.

All of that being said, there are still some excellent values out there and many of the vehicles for sale will end up being reliable transportation. Your job as a consumer is to make sure you don’t get stuck with one of the problem vehicles. The best way of doing this is to have a professional used vehicle inspection service check out the vehicle before completing the purchase.

Of course once you’ve purchased the vehicle it is also an excellent idea to purchase an extended used car warranty to protect you from the inevitable failures that will occur, even on quality vehicles as time and mileage. To find out about extended auto warranty coverage find an auto warranty company that has been around at least 10 years and has a solid rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Also, make sure that the company is directly underwritten by a US insurance carrier. One such company to check would be Auto Advantage Inc. found at Auto Advantage can also provide a professional inspector to check out the vehicle for you prior to completing your purchase.

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