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Can You Fix A Windshield Crack?

Many motorists have been in the situation where an object hits their windshield and a big crack shows up.  Your windshield might even end up bad enough that you have to call your road service program.  However, when do you know if it necessary to replace the windshield or if the crack can just be […]

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Avoid A Run Down Battery

Unfortunately, drivers can be faced with an unpleasant surprise in the morning when they discover they have a weak battery. Some people may be lucky enough to be covered by auto road service, however others may not. A car won’t start when the starter is not receiving the power that it needs.  However, help is […]

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Is It Beneficial To Lease A Car?

The decision to buy or lease can be a difficult one.  Car shoppers should consider more than just their budget.  Typically, leasing tends to be cheaper, but it also leaves drivers with no equity after the contract is up.  There are some important factors to keep in mind when making this important decision. First, you […]

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Can You Trust Your Mechanic?

Unless you are actually a mechanic yourself, it may require a leap of faith to deal with a repair shop.  However, paying attention to your mechanic’s actions can give you clues to their honesty.  Here are some things to look out for. If your mechanic says you need to flush your engine right away, or […]

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Caring For Your Car Finish

Consumers can experience sensory overload when walking down the car care isle at their local store.  It can be confusing to know what products to purchase, or even if you need to purchase them.  Some people assume that if you have a factory auto warranty that includes the finish, you don’t need to bother washing […]

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Keeping Track Of Your Teen’s Driving Habits

Teens are known for making driving mistakes, which unfortunately can result in car accidents. This leaves parents feeling anxious, not knowing if their teen driver is safe. There are numerous devices out there that allow parents to track their teenage drivers.  However, now parents can track their teen right from their own keychain. Many technologies […]

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The 2011 Ford Fiesta Webpage

Ford, who apparently loves mini-sites, has started a webpage for the new 2011 Ford Fiesta.  It may be premature, but since Ford is trying desperately to prove itself, displaying some of its cars of the future makes perfect sense at the moment. Ford displays a few pictures of the vehicle, however, Ford says that they […]

Tactics That Will Help You Save Big On A Used Car

So, you’ve been researching cars and you know what’s out there.  You’ve gotten quotes from the Internet, and you know about rebates and used car warranties, yet you still haven’t found the right vehicle for the right price.  Don’t worry, there’s a car out there for you.  Follow these tips to get a good deal. […]

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Get An Inexpensive Car Without Skimping On Style

Thanks to the poor economy, people are skipping the big purchases and becoming disciplined shoppers.  Instead of splurging on cars equipped with all of the gizmos, people are holding onto their current rides and purchasing used car warranties.  However, with some savvy buying tips, you can get a new car with great features.  Here’s how. […]

Finding A Family Vehicle To Suit Your Needs

When purchasing a family vehicle several things should be considered.  These include reliability, safety, fuel-efficiency, and other personal concerns.  In addition, consumers should factor in the price of the vehicle to own, not just the sticker price.  For instance, new car warranties, maintenance costs, and insurance all need to be part of the equation. It […]

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