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Care for the car

Warranty is an assurance given by a product manufacturer to repair and service it for a prescribed period of time from the date of its sale. During this period, the cost of repairing the product and replacing the faulty spare parts will be the responsibility of the product manufacturer. The warranty is serviced by the […]

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All round care for your car

Auto warranty is a useful service whereby your vehicle is repaired and maintained by the auto dealer on behalf of the car manufacturer. It is a very useful service under the circumstances when you have to empty your pockets to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly and efficiently.  Many times we are left helpless […]

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Automobile warranty Law

Each and every consumer product in US carries a warranty of replacement within a specified period of time from the date of the sale of the product. This warranty law is a compulsion in USA on all consumer products.  This warranty period guarantees replacement of spare part of the products incase of any failure. You […]

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Car Warranty Programs

    A car warranty is a service, which ensures repair and maintenance of the vehicle for a period of time from the date of its release from the showroom. The car warranty takes care of the repair and maintenance cost. However, it does not cover the replacement of expensive spare parts. There are two […]

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Awesome Warranty

Auto warranty refers to repair and maintenance service offered by the car dealer as prescribed under the federal law for a particular period from the date of the sale of the car. The warranty period, normally, ranges between three months and three years or for a maximum of three thousand miles covered by the car. […]

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Auto warranty – New owners rest easy thanks to the manufacturer’s service

In the excitement of purchasing a car, one should not forget the other formalities and details involved. There are certain documents that need to be exchanged; registration deed needs to be transferred to the name of the new owner, the insurance details passed on and so on. Along with these there should also be the […]

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The warranty of Vehicle

When you buy a vehicle, the auto dealer becomes responsible for its repair and maintenance for free of cost for a definite time period on behalf of the manufacturer. This service is known as Auto Warranty. The auto warranty allows you to get rid of the repair and maintenance cost of the vehicle’s power train, […]

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You and your vehicle’s best friend – Aftermarket auto warranty

The word ‘aftermarket’ refers to the concept of additional purchases, repair or replacement of a product after sell. According to the association of Automotive Aftermarket Industry, the automotive industry maintains, replaces and repair parts after sell of a vehicle. An extended auto warranty is typically purchased by an individual when he or she purchases a […]

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Get A Used Car Warranty With A Used Vehicle Purchase

Not everyone can afford buying new cars all the time. A lot of people purchase older cars. Not all old cars are in a bad condition. Some of them are only few years old and their warranty papers are still valid. If you buy a used car you must also ask the seller for the […]

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Look for the Aftermarket Auto Warranty Conditions Carefully

People always keep on telling each other that we should be very careful whenever we have to sign for any deal. But in most of the cases, the deal we sign is written in a very technical legal language and thus most of us are not bothered to look into the details of the deal. […]

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