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Hybrid Saab

Saab debuts worlds first completely hybrid car Last week Saab unveiled the first fossil-fuel-free hybrid convertible. The car is being called the BioPower Hybrid 9-3 convertible concept. This is a major leap forward in hybrid cars. The concept is based on pure bioethonal instead of just part bioethonal. The Biopower convertible also has a "zero […]

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Test Driving a Car

Things to look for when test driving Fun but scary, buying a new car is an experience that really can’t be compared.  One of the most intimidating things about buying a new car is the test drive.  What questions do you ask?  What do you need to take with you?  How do you KNOW if […]

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Global Auto Industry is Healthy

The Sky is not falling in the global auto industry At this moment in time, the American auto Industry looks really bleak. However, that’s not the case everywhere. Daniel Pool, adviser to National City Corp., insists the global auto industry is actually thriving. "If you look past Ford, General Motors and Delphi, you will find […]

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GM sticks With Original Pricing Plan to Capture Auto Industry

Auto News: GM sticks with plan GM will continue to lower prices instead of offering discounts and incentives for the next year. GM began of lowering the price of their cars with the "American Revolution" ad campagn. Now, instead of offering rebates and extras with their vehicles, GM’s vehicles will actually be cheaper than the […]

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AutoNation Stock Falls

AutoNation did not meet the expectations of Wallstreet Journal AutoNation announced that they did not meet expectations in the first quarter. In fact, Q1 was not their best performance. AutoNation blames the folly on unbelievably high interest rates and towering stock option costs. Of course, making a dealership a successful dealership is not as easy […]

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Harley-Davidson in China

Harley-Davidson is opening a dealership in China Harley-Davidson is opening a dealership in mainland China and is planning to open next month. This will mark the first dealership outside the United States since WW II. Harley-Davidson is also going for a "first-class" experience when building the show room and other parts of the dealership. The […]

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Auto News

Audi joining the diesel crowd Audi is promising by 2008 they will have their first prototype of a diesel auto. The car would be called the Q7. No one really doubts Audi’s technology, but people are wondering why it has taken so long for them to announce it. Clean diesel seems to be a popular […]

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Auto Warranty Research

You must look for the best deal Most people are looking for the best rate on their auto warranty.  For many it’s the deciding factor as to which warranty they choose.  This just isn’t smart… We all know cost is a great indicator of auto warranty choice.  In fact, it may also be YOUR choice.  […]

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DiamlerChrysler’s Smart Unit is a Drag on the Company

The Smart Unit is hurting the company The Smart Unit is a next generation car; it has all the bells and whistles that you can imagine. But the Smart Unit has long been a drag on DiamlerChrysler’s finances, and investors are pushing for the Smart series to be done away with because of lackluster sales […]

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Consumer Reports: Top 5 infant Car seats

Five car seats to protect your infant Our families are the most important things in our lives, and we’ll do everything and anything to protect them. It is important essential to make sure our kids are buckled properly. Making sure your kids are properly buckled in and quiet is a challenge in itself. But, as […]

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