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Why Americans Aren’t Happy With Domestic Vehicles

According to The American Consumer Satisfaction Index, the results from its Q2 aren’t good for domestic auto manufacturers. The people at ASCI claim that customer satisfaction is higher than ever for the whole industry, however there aren’t any American automakers that made the top four. And the bottom three on the list are made in […]

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The #1 Compact SUV

If you’re thinking of buying a small SUV you’re in luck because there are many good choices.  Compact SUVs offer practicality, fuel-efficiency, and nice style.  In fact you can find many models for under $25,000 complete with an auto warranty.  So what are the best and worst models to consider?  Read on. The Honda CR-V […]

Is It Smart To Downsize Your Vehicle?

With the poor economy, drivers are trading in their big gas-guzzlers for fuel-efficient cars.  Yet, while that makes sense, if you switch too soon you might be looking at more overall car costs than you’ll save on gas.  According to Consumer Reports, downsizing is beneficial in the long run if you time it right. A […]

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When Will Hybrids Take Over The Roads?

Imagine one day waking up to find that the only cars on the roads, in driveways, and in parking lots were electrics or hybrids. CNW Marketing Research made some calculations to determine when America would become completely hybridized, and could stop depending on Middle Eastern powers for barrels of oil. Based on the amount of […]

What The Inside Of A Car Can Tell You About Its History

Buying a used car can be a great choice.  You can get a nice car for less money and don’t have to worry about depreciation.  However, it is always necessary to inspect the car that you are looking at before purchasing it.  And since you will spend most of the time on the inside of […]

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The Cheapest Cars In 2009

The 2008 Chevrolet Aveo5 didn’t have many trophies to its name; however, it was best known for being the most affordable car in America.  But for 2009 there are several new contenders.  Nissan just announced its new rock-bottom entry, which is now the cheapest car in America; it is the Nissan Versa 1.6 that has […]

What Your Vehicle Is Telling People About You

Do you realize that your vehicle is talking?  Your car says a great deal about your attitude and personality.  It’s true when they say we are what we drive.  Vehicle enthusiasts believe that our cars are a window into our souls. Carmakers claim that the decline of the minivan is partly because of people not […]

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Avoid Car Accidents By Doing Proper Car Maintenance

Every year there are more than 10,000 vehicle accidents in the nation and approximately 450 people die as a result of the collision. Many of these accidents can be avoided by having routine maintenance performed on your car. The vehicle is by far the most popular means of transportation in the U.S. In fact, 91% […]

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The Poor Economy Boosts The Sales Of Used Cars

The downturn of the U.S. economy has drivers steering toward purchasing used cars instead of new ones. A recent survey examining 40 car retailers indicated used car sales have increased.  In fact, of the dealerships, 28 percent said that they had sold more used vehicles than expected. Also, 82 percent of the dealerships indicated that […]

The New Pontiac G8 ST

After a great deal of excitement for several months about the new El Camino looking vehicle by Pontiac, and a lot of speculation that the vehicle might even use the El Camino name, Pontiac has chosen a name: G8 ST. G8 comes from the fact that this sporty truck has been based on the car […]

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