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In every car owner’s experience, there comes a time when his or her car is stuck on the freeway and is left in a helpless state. To avoid such circumstances, auto warranties are needed. There are many companies in the market that offers different types of warranties. Below is some information on what a person […]

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Buying an auto warranty for your car is a must. Whether you have a new or used car, a warranty brings relief and comfort for you. It is used when your car experiences a sudden breakdown in the middle of the road and you are left with no help from anyone. Auto warranty provides a […]

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Safeguard your rights with used car warranty law

With more and more car warranty companies in the auto market, a car owner should be more cautious. This is because there are more chances of being fraudulent specifically in the case of used cars, as there are many deceitful deals. But there is nothing to worry about. The used car warranty law will protect […]

Guard for your vehicle

Do you own a new or used car? If the answer is yes, then you need to have an auto warranty. An Auto Warranty helps you to safeguard your car against the unexpected car problems. It covers all the aspects of car maintenance and repair. This includes labor costs, repairs and cost of accessories. It […]

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Legal Help for your Car

A used car is a great bargain for the first time car buyers. The advantages of a great price coupled with used car warranty are always a great deal. But such warranties are also governed by the Used Car Warranty Law. It helps the buyer to have a hassle free warranty and a non ambiguous […]

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A tip for your car

Whatever car you have, you should get a warranty to safeguard your car. To help you choose the best warranty the Auto Warranty Tips are the best options. This helps shoppers understand; measure and choose the best auto warranty for their car. The Auto Warranty Tips provides you ideas about extended car warranty, the rates […]

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They work to keep you relaxed!!

Auto warranties can be a tough subject for people to fully understand. They buy a brand new car, which comes with a factory warranty. This warranty has fixed time duration, or a particular number of miles to be covered. The irony is that the vehicle doesn’t incur any high end damages during the warranty period […]

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Beware! There are many fraudulent warranties out there

Auto warranties can be bought through two sources; one is the dealer from which you buy your car and the other is from a third-party company that deals in providing the auto warranties. Most of the customers prefer to take the warranty from the dealer because they can be rest assured that the warranty will […]

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Used car warranty – the best deals

Used car warranty is a warranty program that is provided by various companies. It is also known as an extended warranty and it starts once the factory warranty expires. This warranty scheme should not be confused with insurance schemes, as they are completely different from each other. If a customer wants a used car warranty, […]

Lifetime Warranty

Having an Auto warranty is just as important as gas is for the vehicle. It has become a necessary tool for car owners who want to keep their car well-maintained. There are two types of warranties. One is the original factory warranty that the car owner gets at the time of purchase. Whereas another is […]

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