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How To Avoid Speeding Tickets

We’ve all been there.  You’re driving along when all of a sudden you hear sirens blaring behind you.  You realize that you are going to get a speeding ticket and you really don’t have the extra funds to pay for it.  With all of the expenses you’re already paying for your vehicle, such as used […]

Avoid Unnecessary Costs When Purchasing A New Car From A Dealership

It is essential for consumers to do their homework before trying to purchase a new vehicle.  To avoid unnecessary costs, follow these three important tips. First of all, you need to shop around to find the best dealership.  To do this, use the Internet and read blogs that people have written about specific dealerships.  You […]

How To Get The Best Deal On A Used Vehicle

So, you’ve been researching cars and you know what’s out there.  You’ve gotten quotes from the Internet, and you know about rebates and used car warranties, yet you still haven’t found the right vehicle for the right price.  Don’t worry, there’s a car out there for you.  Follow these tips to get a good deal. […]

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Seized Auto Auction Websites

If you’re thinking of buying a cheap car that is older, you might want to try Car-Auction. This is an auction site on the Internet for cars that have been seized. Buying a vehicle from this website can save you up to 90% off of the retail price of a car. Here are some important […]

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The 2009 Version Of The Jaguar XF Won’t Disappoint

The new Jaguar XF is updated to be modern and fresh. It has a V8 that is melodic and has an abundance of safety features. If you love Jaguars, the new version of the XF won’t disappoint. The XF is a five-seater with four doors and rear wheel drive, which comes available in three trim […]

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Are Motorists Willing To Change Their Way Of Thinking?

The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular cars in the country. This is a bit surprising since the Prius is an electric hybrid vehicle, which means that motorists are embracing change. As with any change, drivers feel a need to protect themselves. A lot of motorists feel better about buying a hybrid if […]

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New Driving Laws For Teen Drivers In Minnesota

As of August 1st new teen driving laws will take effect, which will help teens sharpen their driving skills.  During the first driving year, teens won’t be able to drive late at night or carry multiple teenage passengers. The Department of Public Safety claims that teens in Minnesota are overrepresented in car accidents every year […]

Will The Shift For Small Cars Last?

While most Ford dealerships reacted with joy after Ford Motor Co.’s announcement that they will be making six additional fuel-efficient cars in America, others greeted the announcement with caution. If the marketplace shift is going to continue long term, then it’s going to be great to have small, fuel-efficient cars in the lineup. However, it […]

The Current State Of The Car Industry

Currently, reality is that the car industry isn’t doing all that well. The economy in the U.S. now has a weak dollar, high food and gas prices, and a credit crisis. In addition, we are experiencing one of the worst years for vehicle sales in more than a decade. But carmakers are starting to smarten […]

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How To Choose A Sedan

What benefits come with purchasing a sedan?  Sedans will give you a balance of performance, handling, fuel-efficiency, safety and easy access.  Also, they handle well in the majority of driving situations.  Unless you are someone who needs to store a lot of cargo, they are a great option. There are many different choices when looking […]

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