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Auto Warranty News: Automakers Relieved By Early January Sales Predictions

2007 Shows Early Increase in Vehicle Sales and Demand Hope is building for automobile manufacturing already this year as early sales reports suggest that automakers are seeing some desperately needed buying increase. The large players in the auto world like Toyota, Honda, and Ford, are crossing fingers that lower gas prices and the strong trend […]

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Auto Warranty News | Pontiac G8 to be Introduced at Chicago Auto Show Next Week

Specualation confirmed by recent official announcement. The Pontiac G8, poised to replace the Grand Prix, will be introduced at the Chicago Auto Show next week according to an article at The announcement was prompted by an ABC News special that aired last night in which GM’s Rick Wagoner showed off the front end of […]

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Auto Warranty News | General Motors Introducing Maintenance Remote

Device will initiate multiple tasks from a distance. GM is soon to debut a high-tech version of the key fobs currently available that performs eeveral routine maintenance functions, including checking tire pressure. Tire pressure checks are frequently neglected by about half of the US car-owning population, according to the article. Improper pressure is a contributing […]

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Auto Warranty News: Toyota Enters 2007 as Auto Manufacturing Leader

Toyota Motor Corporation Sets Automobile Industry Standard One can’t linger too long among manufacturing people and publications without hearing about Toyota Motor Corporation’s substantial success over the past year in overcoming industry-wide deficiencies to build a reputation of consistent achievement. Toyota no doubt sets a standard for the rest of the struggling automotive sector. Toyota […]

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Auto Warranty News | $17 Million For Greater Auto Efficiency from DOE

Department of Energy seeking to reduce foreign dependence on oil. The Department of Energy is dedicating funds to increase fuel efficiency, $14 million towards support of plug-in hybrid electric automobile technology, and another $3 million towards improving engine efficiency. DOE’s FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program will lead the efforts to bring new, more efficient technologies to market […]

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Auto Warranty News: Volkswagon’s Crossgolf SUV/MPV

Volkswagon Releases the Versatile Crossgolf Volkswagon meets car consumers with an addition to the latest trend in automobile innovation: small and spacious with an SUV appeal – the very recipe of an MPV, or, multi-purpose vehicle. Vehicle owners want larger-sized benefits in a compact model. The Volkswagon Crossgolf hopes to provide that very ideal for […]

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Auto Warranty News | Audi TT Gets What Car? Award

Best Coupé in its class for Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Citing its agility, style and “real driving talent” the What Car? judges extended honors to the Audi TT for Best Coupe in class, which will be detailed in the March 2007 edition. The subtly updated skin of the new Audi TT conceals a highly advanced […]

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Auto Warranty News: Washington Auto Show Cleans Up

Automakers Display Environmentally Conscious Automotive Innovation The Washington Auto Show provided car manufacturers a chance to display their energy-conscious innovating yesterday. The theme of the show was obvious: clean, green energy control. The automobile industry continues to make progress towards more energy efficient travel and a crack down on fume pollution. Yesterday was also when President […]

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Auto Warranty News : Mitsubishi Launches Flexible Fuel Vehicle into Automotive Markets

Automobile Innovation Joined by Mitsubishi FFV Look for Mitsubishi to provide another entry into the automobile industry trend toward fuel efficiency in Brazil in 2007 and the United States by 2009. The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) is capable of being powered by gasoline, ethanol, or a mix of both, reducing hazardous emissions […]

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Auto Warranty News | BMW Motorrad Unofficially Best Selling Motorbike

Sales surge late in the year may have put the Motorrad over the edge. BMW may have claimed honors for best selling motorcycle of 2006, but so far the numbers are unofficial. The current unofficial benchmark is that it has surprassed last year’s sales record of its nearest competitor by a comfortable margin. Combined UK […]

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