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Securing a good Auto Warranty

Getting an auto warranty is not that simple as it sounds. In a recent study conducted by leading automobile industry analysts, it was found that consumers don’t have the basic information on how to select a good auto warranty deal. Therefore, individuals should be cautious while purchasing a warranty. An auto warranty provides a guarantee […]

Extend your car’s insurance

At the time of buying a car, an auto warranty is provided by the company. Under this warranty, cost of all the repairs and services of the car is covered. But once the car is used for certain mileage, this auto warranty expires. For such vehicles, an extended car warranty or an aftermarket auto warranty […]

More often, people who are not able to afford a new car opt for a used car that saves them a lot of money. Purchasing warranty for a used vehicle is a must for every car owner. A warranty protects you against any defect, which is covered under a warranty plan.  The dealer has to […]

A mandatory practice

    Auto warranty reviews refer to a mandatory practice that has to be carried out by every car owner before purchasing the auto warranty. This exercise helps the car owners choose what is best for them.  Before taking delivery of the car from the dealer, ask for at least four offers of auto warranty […]

Buy the best service

Auto warranty refers to repair and maintenance service offered by the car dealer as prescribed under the federal law for a particular period from the date of the sale of the car. The warranty period, normally, ranges between three months and three years or for a maximum of three thousand miles covered by the car.  […]

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Universal rules

Car warranty refers to a program that a car owner would buy into in which makes the warranty company responsible in paying for the regular maintenance and repairs for the vehicle for a particular period of time from the date of sale. The warranty period varies between three months and three years depending on the […]

Use car warranty law

Used car warranty law is one of the most important aspects of buying a used car. The first time car buyers especially have a safeguard against any fraudulent activities. Used cars come at great bargain price; however, necessary precaution is required to keep your car purchase safe and secure. Here, one must opt for the […]

Auto warranty tips

Any vehicle user should keep an eye out for auto warranty tips, because they prove to be very helpful. You may research car magazines, websites and newspapers for such tips. But the latest updates on auto warranties are available on the Internet. The internet can  provide you the exact information that you are looking for.  […]

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Auto warranty reviews

Auto warranty is a crucial component in the automobile industry. There are primarily two types of auto warranties. One is usually provided by the manufacturer and the other can be purchased from a vehicle dealer or the third party vendors. These are called extended auto warranties. But it may not be required if you change […]

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Review every auto warranty

    Auto warrant reviews refer to the act that should be taken by every vehicle owner before selecting the auto warranty. This particular task assumes importance at three stages, while purchasing a brand new or used car and while purchasing a second auto warranty once the original warranty expires.   It is necessary that […]

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