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Lemon law

An original warranty is a must for all car owners since there are many risks with purchasing a car. The warranty covers the repairs and maintenance aspects of the car. Usually, most dealers offer auto warranties at the time of the car’s purchase in association with a local company. Used car warranty laws assume greater […]

Tips to help you

Auto warranty is an important aspect of any vehicle. Never buy a vehicle, either used or brand new, without a valid auto warranty. Insist on a warranty from the dealer. While purchasing a used car, keep an eye out for a fraudulent auto warranty. Make the extra effort to ensure that you are buying a […]

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Aftermarmet Warranty

Aftermarket auto warranty refers to the warranty extended by any company to the car once the original warranty expires. Original warranty is offered by the car dealer in association with a company. Usually, the original warranty is for a period of 36 months or for a fair distance covered by the vehicle. The original warranty […]

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