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Archive for June 19th, 2007

Read your aftermarket auto warranty carefully!

    More often enough, people are under the assumption that their responsibilities of maintaining their vehicle seizes once they get aftermarket auto warranty.  Buying an aftermarket auto warranty however does not necessarily imply that your car’s maintenance and repairs are no longer your immediate concerns.  In fact, it is quite easy to get oneself […]

Review the used car warranty carefully before signing any papers!

Extensive markets exist for used cars.  These markets thrive because many people cannot afford the immediate costs of new cars.  Many car owners buy newer model cars and sell an old car every three or four years, thereby increasing the used car market.  These cars need to be appropriately serviced and repaired in order to […]

Think twice, and then think again – your new car warranty

  When buying a new car it is essential to consider the new car warranty and its packages. New car warranty protects your finance in the event of auto recalls by the leading auto manufactures while also covering any defects or problems that can arise when you least expect! Car manufacturers usually provide the first […]

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